Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Iraqi defense minister & military delegation in Tehran

Iraqi Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi received 29DEC14 by Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan in Tehran

Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan shakes hands with members of Iraqi military delegation

Iraqi military delegation seated at round table with Iranian counterparts predominantly represented by  IRGC servicemen

Photos: Islamic Republic News Agency


Unknown said...

Iran’s involvement in neighbouring conflicts is not new. Mr Dehghan himself served in Lebanon during its 1975-89 civil war. As an operative for the IRGC, the ideological spearhead of Iran’s revolution, he may take some credit for the creation of Hizbullah, Lebanon’s powerful Shia militia, and perhaps for exploits such as its bombing of an American barracks in 1983.

Anonymous said...

Iraq should continously ask Iran to use its air force to regularly bomb ISIL. I think Iran has the capability, determination, equipment and proper experience and training for conducting more air strikes against ISIL in regions where it has good intelligence assessments.

Anonymous said...

Iraq may not be ready yet to launch a major offensive as Iraq needs more trained soldiers. Several other countries are helping Iraq with bombing ISIL, and also several other countries have provided hundreds of their troops to help train and advise Iraqi troops, plus they also provided Iraq with heaps of weapons and ammunition which included lots of heavy machine guns, mortars, RPGs and armoured vehicles.

When all of those new Iraqi troops are ready after completing sufficient training and Iraq is ready to start a major offensive on several fronts to drive ISIL out of Iraq, then that would be the best time for all the countries that are bombing ISIL to start an extensive heavy bombing campaign.

Meanwhile for now its really just hold and contain ISIL where it is and maybe with some small gains here and there to gradually erode and degrade ISIL's fighting ability, this not only in Iraq but also in Syria plus other countries where ISIL obtains support, financing and more fighters from.

All the countries that are helping Iraq are also providing intelligence on ISIL, and the more the better.