Monday, December 29, 2014

Three IRGC Officers Killed in Baluchistan

Three IRGC officers were killed in an attack by armed men on a border post near the city of Saravan in Iranian Baluchistan late on Sunday. The Iranian media called the attackers either “armed bandits” or “terrorists.” It was not clear if they belonged to the Iranian Baluch insurgent group Jaish al-Adl (Army of Justice) that has been fighting the security forces in the region from their sanctuaries inside Pakistan.

File photo: An Iranian border guard in Baluchistan (FNA)


Anonymous said...

The Wahabbi terrorist scum in Pakistan are under pressure so they have started terror against Iran again. The only option is a total sealing of the eastern borders and appeasement of Pakistan must stop.

Anonymous said...

Eastern border protection is complex... Iran must focus on both physical protection but also soft protection. On the physical part sealing border, using UAVs and other air patrols will be useful. However the soft part is more important. Iran needs to increase its intelligence activities inside both Afghanistan but most importantly Pakistan. It must have "early warning" from its agents inside Pakistan on activities against Iran which are getting planned. As such Iran needs to define "layers" inside Pakistan, i.e. 25 km, 50km, 100 km and beyond for different kinds of long-term intelligence gathering. This is a difficult task but the only way to safeguard itself beyond its borders.

Anonymous said...

I guess the regime is too busy suppressing the population in Iran for it to be too concerned for Iran's borders.Because a lot of basiji and IRGC units will have to be taken out of their hiding holes in Iran's cities for them to be deployed at the borders to face Wahabbi and Islamist low lifes.The regime see's Iranian people as the real threat,not some ignorant baggy pant wearing terrorist brandishing a rusty old Ak47.