Saturday, December 13, 2014

Peshmerga recover ISIL-captured Mohajer-4 UAV

Above: Kurdish Pesherga militiaman poses next to Iranian-built Ghods Mohajer-4 UAV (serial A041-112), recovered this week. Serial markings and damage indicate this airframe previously captured by ISIL, with ISIL photos posted on social media circa 18NOV14.

COMMENTARY: The Iraqi Army has been correctly criticized for not destroying military weapons and equipment before executing a retreat. Here we have an example of ISIL retreating without destroying the remains of a captured UAV.

Potential parts reclamation includes MADO 550 engine, engine electrics, fuel preparation components, MADO propellor and more.

Observations such as these contribute towards a perception that ISIL combatants are comparatively lacking in technical adeptness.

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Anonymous said...

It appears as though cruel savagery is all the technical adaptiveness those barbaric ISIL elements possess .