Monday, December 22, 2014

Russia to Begin Food Imports from Iran – Paid in Ruble

Russia will begin food imports from Iran in January 2015 and may pay for them in Russia ruble, Russia’s Tass news agency reported today.

The exchange value of Russian ruble against the dollar plummeted this year. Iran would have normally quoted the price of its food product exports to Russia in dollar, which would have been quite expensive for the Russian buyers when converted to ruble. Based on this report, Iran has apparently agreed to accept ruble for its food products. Iran is to export some 20,000 tons of trout and 3,000 tons of shrimp to Russia next year, as well as some dairy products.

The agreement covers bilateral food trade. It was not clear what food products Iran could import from Russia and pay for them in rial. The announcement only covered Iranian exports to Russia.

File photo: Russian ruble.


Anonymous said...

Iran and Russian as well as inter-Asian trade will increase thanks to ill-advised and ineffective US sanctions on both. There are many other trade, barter and military deals in the offing.

Anonymous said...

two Khomeini trading cards in mint condition for one Stalin rookie card

Anonymous said...

Russia and Iran may take example from Belarus and consider to tax each financial transaction, which includes, but is not limited to exchanges of domestic currencies for the western ones.

Belarus announced a 30% tax on each transaction involving domestic and foreign currencies.

It can be expected that if the West will not come to terms with Iran regarding its nuclear enrichment program and the West will continue bashing of Russia, Russia may abandon the P5+1 group and sign separate limited term agreement, guarranting to the world a peacefule nature of the Iranian enrichment.
At that time Russia will be free of any obligation to obey previos sanctions and trade exchange with Iran will return to normal stages.

President Putin has mentioned that there are discussions and preparation for his planned visit to the Islamic Republic......


Even the Wall Street during excessive drops is allowed to halt its operation for number of days in order to stall speculators and attacks from 'adversaries'.

Anonymous said...

the sanctions are extremely effective. one would have to be ignorant or dishonest to claim that they're not.

" The Russian government warned earlier this month that the country would fall into recession next year as western sanctions and falling oil prices began to bite.

Its economic development ministry estimated the economy would contract by 0.8% next year, compared to its previous estimate of 1.2% growth."

Anonymous said...

Lol. Pathetic. Remember that under the Shah there were 7 tomans per dollar

Anonymous said...

Under the Shah the literacy rate was also only 30% and life expectancy was only 50 years according to the UN, life expectancy now is 71 years. Child Enrollment in school was only 25%. The Shah was just a Farsi speaking Gulf oil sheikh, not very different than his counterparts across the Persian Gulf except for his mother tongue.

The following stats are from the UN Human development Index (HDI)
-the HDI increased by 52% since the revolution from 0.45 to 0.749
-Between 1980 and 2013, Iran (Islamic Republic of)’s life expectancy at birth increased by 19.9 years
-average number of years iranians spend in school increased by 6 years since the revolution
-the GNI per capita increased by 11% since the revolution

So stop cherry picking your statistics.

According to the UN Iran's HDI had the second highest improvement over the last 30 years, with only south Korea doing better than Iran has since the revolution. But hey none of this is important to you, keep complaining about the exchange rate, which if we are to be honest, has more to do with US backed sanctions than internal policies of Iran.