Tuesday, December 30, 2014

'Muhammad Rasullullah' multi-service maneuvers (3)

Photo highlights from 'Muhammad Rasullullah' multi-service maneuvers, day four (28DEC14) and day five (29DEC14):

Islamic Republic of Iran Navy (IRIN)
IRIN launch of Noor coastal defense cruise missile (CDCM) from mobile multiple launcher vehicle

IRIN Noor CDCM, in flight

IRIN coastal defense missile crew (NCO ranks) before mobile multiple launcher

Three Noor CDCM mobile multiple-launchers, with command center vehicle

IRIN coastal launch of Nasr anti-ship missile (AShM) from from mobile multiple-launcher vehicle

Frontal view of Noor AShM multiple-launcher platform, Mercedes-Benz Ateco 916

Rear view of Noor AShM multiple-launcher

IRIN Aviation Agusta SH-3D Sea King (AS-61), serial 8-2301 undertaking air-launch of anti-submarine torpedo (appearing similar to the Mk 46, a type previously exported to Iran).

Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF)
IRIAF McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom fitted with what appear to be AGM-65 Maverick type air-to-ground tactical missiles.

IRIAF Sukhoi Su-24MK "Fencer-D" attack aircraft of 72nd TFS, fitted with Kh-29 "Kedge" air-to-surface missile

IRIAF McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom streak low over a Nasr AShM mobile multiple launcher vehicle


Photo credits:
Chavosh Homavandi at AJA.ir and JameJamimage.ir
M. Nazari at AJA.ir
Mahdi Marizad at Fars News Agency
Islamic Republic News Agency


Nader Uskowi said...

In this new phase of exercises, the focus was on Air Force’s air-to-surface live fire drills as well as Navy’s multiple anti-ship cruise missile launches from shore and sea. Also the videos show air-to-air refueling of F-4s and Su-24s, followed by air-to-surface missile tests against naval targets.

Anonymous said...

These mobile NOOR SSM batteries are extremely deadly and much more improved version of the missile that Hezbollah used in 2006 to hit the "pride" of the Zionist navy Hanit off the the coast of Lebanon. These fire and forget missiles with small hunter killer crews are ideal for the vast Iranian coastline along the Persian Gulf and Hormuz straits. They low maintenance ever ready asymmetrical warfare weapons can easily be camouflaged and deployed in the thousands of coves, caves and rocky mountainous inlets that dot the Persian Gulf, especially from Jask towards Chah Bahar. It is no coincidence that the Jask naval base and air station has grown substantially in the past few years with reinforced submarine pens. The expanded Jask naval base opened in 2008 and has been called a “defense front” and an “impenetrable naval barrier” by IRGC authorities.

Anonymous said...

Yes the Noor anti-ship missile is extremely deadly and today's upgraded versions probably are more improved versions of the missile that Hezbollah used in 2006.

There are weapons to counter every anti-ship missile, including countering the Noor, and huge sums of money is continually being spent to research, design and build the counter weapons.
We have to keep in mind that the Israeli warship's anti-missile defence system was NOT turned on, where it may have been a completely different story if it was turned on.

Yes the Noor is extremely deadly as it did kill one Israeli sailor and the three sailors initially missing after the attack were later found and OK.
As to the damage to the ship, the Noor hit the Israeli warship INS Hanit causing damage on the waterline, under the aft superstructure. It took many months to repair the warship and it returned to active service in 2007.

Using that damage to the INS Hanit as a rough guide it appears that it might have required about TWO Noor missiles to sink that ship.
As to a rough guide to other sized ships. The INS Hanit is a missile Corvette and a Frigate is bigger and stronger than a Corvette, a Destroyer is bigger and stronger than a Frigate where a Destroyer is yet more, and a Cruiser yet more again.

Iran has plenty of Noor anti-ship missiles and can manufacture more if needed, and can continue to research and design to newer upgraded versions as newer upgraded anti-missile defense systems continue to become available.