Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hezaro-Yek Shahr complex at Tehran, under construction

Aerial view of another ambitious, active construction site in Iran: Hezaro-Yek Shahr (1,001 Cities), situated in Tehran. This tourism destination envisions Iran’s largest shopping mall, three hotels, mixed-use towers, an Islamic studies center, an art center, a recreational theme park and an indoor, year-round water park.

Shahrzad Mall construction site. Billed as "Iran's largest shopping mall," complex claims to encompass 35 acres of commercial land.

Construction site detail of Shahrzad Mall

Aerial view rendering of completed Shahrzad Mall

Street-level view of completed Shahrzad Mall

Shahre Gheseh Theme Park construction site. Theme park envisions 45 attractions within claimed area of 38 acres.

Construction site detail of Shahre Gheseh Theme Park

Ornamental details for Shahre Gheseh Theme Park

Rendering of completed Shahre Gheseh Theme Park

Rendering of completed mixed-use towers, envisioning four 20-storey office and hotel apartments for a development encompassing 108,800 square meters.

Rendering of 3-star hotel envisioning accommodations for 350 rooms within 30,000 square meters of infrastructure

Rendering of family-oriented, 3-star hotel, envisioning accommodations for 250 rooms within a developed space of 27,000 square meters.

Rendering of complex's 5-star hotel, envisioning 300 rooms within a developed space of 46,000 square meters

Detailed rendering of completed Hezaro Yek Shahr complex in Tehran

Expanded aerial view of Hezaro Yek Shahr complex construction site in Tehran

Photos: Ezam Construction Investment Company

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