Friday, June 27, 2014

UN Panel Finds Klos C. Weapons Originated from Iran

The UN Security Council’s Iran Sanctions Committee said in a confidential report obtained by Reuters on Friday that a shipment of rockets and other weapons that were concealed in containers on Klos C. vessel, which were seized by Israeli Navy in tin he Red Sea March, came from Iran. The finding puts the country in direct violation of the U.N. embargo on arms exports by Iran.
The UN panel of experts, part of the Security Council's Iran Sanctions Committee, which was established by the Security Council to monitor member states’ compliance with sanctions, reached their conclusions   after investigating the case and inspecting the seized cargo and documentation related to the shipment, which traveled from the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas to the Iraqi port of Umm Qasr, and from there in the direction of Port Sudan.
“The Panel finds that the manner of concealment in this case is consistent with several other cases reported to the (Security Council's Iran Sanctions) Committee and investigated by the Panel,” the panel of experts said.
“The Panel concludes that the shipment of arms and related materiel found aboard the Klos C is a violation of Iran's obligations under paragraph 5 of resolution 1747.” (Reuters, 27 June)
The report includes details on the arms, which were concealed in a shipment of cement: 40 M302 rockets and fuses, including four different variations of the rockets; 181 120 mm mortar shells; roughly 400,000 pieces of 7.62 caliber ammunition.
File photo: Klos C. being intercepted by Israeli marines, march 2014. (


Anonymous said...

a day of reckoning is coming

B.M.A said...


WHAT waste of a 'finding' from a sleeping entity that only opens its eyes on anything supported by the B.O.D and CO..

DRAG the US , on the floor of the UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY and let it justify its support of a genocide in Syria ,by arming and training militants ,calling them liberators but when the same elements do what they know best in Iraq they get a new Name !!.

or why not set up a commission of inquiry to look into what the Security council has not done to stop the war THERE.

Nader Uskowi said...

Those liberators, as you call them, want to establish Islamic states in Iraq and Syria. Are you not a supporter of Islamic states? Didn't Iran establish an Islamic state in 1979, and the Taliban did the same in Afghanistan? So dangerous to mix religion and governance, hope you can see now.

B.M.A said...

POLITICAL Islam has never been a bad thing !.The devine laws are there for the benefit of mankind.Indeed i support anyone who comes closer to his creator -but this is what is forbidden in Islam-
@USING terror to force someone into your faith and values or fighting an innocent man or people unless that individual or people showed open unjustified hostility against Islam or its followers !

@-CANT build a caliphate using military tools manufactured by non-Muslims -how self defeating !.You expect RUSSIA to sell you sophisticated radars and Tanks !then you come back to fight the Russia army using the same Russian tools ?.-when we say Arabs are simply blind and that some clerics are leading their flock astray, portraying Islam as being a terrorist religion .

@-NOW Islam is a Government on its own.A true blessing upon humanity, but disaster is when a misguided cleric makes a crazy interpretation of the Holy book -there is where we get intolerant Islam.

Nader Uskowi said...

We've had three example of Islamic government in modern times: Iran in 1979, the short-lived Taliban in Afghanistan, and now this aspiring Islamic state in Iraq and Syria. All these real-life examples of Islamic state show its incompatibility with societies in 21st century, especially with three modern movements of globalism, human rights and women's rights. It probably worked 1,300 years ago.