Saturday, June 14, 2014

This Week in Iraq

Cartoon by Syrian Kurdish artis Yahia Silo on Maliki and his army.

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Anonymous said...

They are a disgrace. And LOL at the cartoon !

Mark Pyruz said...

Naturally, the Kurdish animator has it wrong.

The Iraqi troops running away should actually be represented as Kurds of the 2nd Division abandoning their position, moving aside toward Kurdish areas, allowing the bow-and-arrow figure to drive his Toyota truck headlong down Iraq Highway 1. And Maliki is not running away; he remains in Baghdad, furious!

Anonymous said...

Mark, no one buys what you are saying here.
In Musul ratio of terrorist to Iraqi army was 1 to 15!!!!!!!!!!!
same in all other fallen cities, the Iraqi soldiers run away such that history will remiember them for good. They even didn't bother to escape with their guns or battle gears!
I recall in the first (persian) gulf war US allies brought one battalion from Saudi, when the first the sound of explosion was heard, all of them dropped their rifles and escaped. In the second war US had already learnt their lesson and didn't bring any troops from Arab countries.
Only hope for Iraq is new volunteers of Shia militias, not Malikis' army. They just reminded me The "Barrareh" TV series when Barrareh's soldiers lost the battle with lots of casualties to a hypothetical enemy in a drill :)

Nader Uskowi said...


Four Iraqi divisions were positioned between the Syrian border and Tikrit area, all collapsed without putting up any fight and left their bases and equipment intact for the ragtag army of ISIL. The cartoon captured correctly the situation in the first days of conflict. Let's not attack the messenger.

Of course the situation remains quite fluid, and the Iraqis can change the equation in the battlefield in the coming days. But the performance of the Iraqi military this week was nothing but a disgrace of historic proportion.

Anonymous said...

a very sad but true Picture

Anonymous said... --- ISIL overrun Iraqi army headquarters.