Wednesday, June 4, 2014

PANHA overhauls twenty Iranian military helicopters

Iran's Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics (MODAFL) on 04JUN14 publicized Iran Aviation Industries Organization (IAIO) overhaul efforts at Iran Helicopter Support and Renewal Company (IHSRC), known by its Persian acronym as PANHA. Further clarified, twenty overhauled helicopters in Iranian media reports include:

- Agusta AB-205A-1
- Bell 212 Twin Two-Twelve
- Agusta AB-212ASW
- Bell 214 Isfahan
- Bell 412
- Agusta SH-3D Sea King (AS-61)
- Sikorsky RH-53D Sea Stallion (S-65A)
- Boeing (Elicotteri Meridionali) CH-47C Chinook (219)
- Mil Mi-17-1(Sh)

Below are related media photos taken at PANHA:
IRINA Sikorsky RH-53D Sea Stallion (S-65A), serial 9-2701 (cn 65-412)

IRINA Sikorsky RH-53D Sea Stallion (S-65A), serial 9-2701 (cn 65-412)

IRINA Sikorsky RH-53D Sea Stallion (S-65A), serial 9-2701 (cn 65-412)

IRINA Sikorsky RH-53D Sea Stallion (S-65A), serial 9-2701 (cn 65-412)

IRINA Agusta SH-3D Sea King (AS-61) type helicopters, serials 9-2313 and 9-2320

IRINA Agusta AB-212ASW, serial 6-2410 (cn 5539)

IRIPA Mil Mi-17-1(Sh), serial 1805

Detail of IRIPA Mil Mi-17-1(Sh), serial 1805

IRIAA Bell AH-1J International Cobra (209)

IRIAF Boeing (Elicotteri Meridionali) CH-47C Chinook (219), serial 5-9306

Foreground: IRIAA Bell 214A Isfahan medium-lift helicopter
Background: IRIAA Bell 212 type Twin Two-Twelve

IRIPA Bell (Agusta) AB-206A JetRanger, serial 1514

Foreground: IRIPA Bell 214 type Isfahan medium-lift helicopter
Background: IRIAA Bell 212 Twin Two-Twelve

Left: Agusta AB-205A-1, appears to include IHSRC markings
Right: possible IRGC-AF Bell 214A Isfahan

Possible IRGC-AF Bell 214A Isfahan medium-lift helicopter


Photos: Tasnim News Agency


Anonymous said...

Amazing feat of aeronautical engineering and the quality of the refurbishment is world class, including the new engines. HESA has come a long way. Well done Iran.

Gurney said...

Come on these are just a few working examples. LOL. Most of their Aircrafts and helicopters are just empty shells. Where would they be getting Engines from to Power all these different helicopter types huh? They can't even maintain their civil Aviation jets properly, much less military hardware. Yeah they are lucky sometimes when scavenging the black market but they cant secure enough sources to sustain effective operational capability. I would say the readiness rate of the Iranian warplane and helicopter fleet is quite low. How many flying hours do the fly crews get per month? Not that much right. Since Aircraft and helicopter parts and Electronic Components are in short supply. Their personell aren't allowed to train as often as Western counterparts.

Anonymous said...

just keep patching together these old US helicopters because Iran still can't build anything as good as these things, even 35 years later.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, poor you, trying to spread your anger in form of poison, any prof for all the above clams?
if not i prefer to believe the news and picture then empty words that came out of anger.