Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Foreign delegations observe election win of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

Above: foreign delegations in Damascus to observe the Syrian presidential election

According to the BBC:
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has won a third term in office after securing 88.7% of votes in Tuesday's presidential election, the parliamentary speaker has announced.
Earlier, Syria's constitutional court put the vote turnout at 73.47%.
Voting took place in government-controlled areas, but not in parts of the north and east held by rebels.
Syria's constitutional court had earlier announced that some 11.63 million Syrians voted out of a total of 15.85 million eligible to cast a ballot.
The win is likely to boost Mr Assad's supporters. The government side has recently made significant military gains and rebel groups are fighting among themselves.
Also on Wednesday, a delegation of officials visiting Damascus from more than 30 countries, including Iran, Russia, [Brazil] and Venezuela, issued a statement in support of the "transparent and free" elections, the Associated Press reports.
By many accounts, the Syrian presidential election appears to have been conducted with less disruption and better turnout than previously anticipated by most Western observers. The result serves the Syrian government with another boost in a string of recent successes, as well as buoying Iranian directed war and peace efforts that include President Assad.

Time will tell if the government success at the Battle of Homs and the Syrian presidential election of 2014, will ultimately produce a somewhat similar rendering to that following the Battle of Atlanta and presidential election of 1964 during the American Civil War.


Anonymous said...

hilarious bullsh1t election and having Uganda, Iran and Venezuela as there to lend an illusory touch of international support really adds to the travesty.

surprisingly, Mr Pyruz's photo didn't show the delegation from the Confederate States of America

Anonymous said...

All the civilized world should congratulate Dr. Assad for this fair and square win as the vast majority of Syrians are sick and tired of Saudi funded Wahhabi terror and the US and its few rabid pups are on the wrong side of history as usual. The grown-ups knew from day one that Bashar al Assad had the majority support and his battle tested army's unflinching and loyal support. All kudos to Dr. Assad, the Syrian people and the SAA.

Mark Pyruz said...

I don't normally moderate comments, and I'm going to post your comment even though it contains an abridged profanity.

Please in the future refrain from such.

Anonymous said...

All kudos to the Dr. President Assad and his father President Dr. Assad for their "fair and square" elections over the past 44 years and for the high living standard they have provided Syrians, which is the envy not only of the Mideast but of the world.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:12,

How about mentioning the presence of major BRICS countries such as Russia and leading Latin American state Brazil next time you try to belittle an election you do not like ? We can add tacit support from China considering their latest veto against anti-Assad UN Resolutions alongside Russia.

How about that for international support in terms of political and economic weight ? Also, could you please share with us how lovable is the US and Europe-validated election of their latest puppet oligarch to date in another country suffering civilian strife, Mr. Poroshenko ? Assad's election might appear surreal considering the ongoing situation on the ground I totally agree, but witnessing the very same nations boycott it and calling it a sham while accepting a similarly flawed and similarly controversial and non-representative one from Ukraine hints about their hypocrisy. How ironical is that the two situations happen to be occurring at the very same time, almost at the same day, for all to measure yet another perfect exemplification of double standards that have led the policies of some powerful countries for decades now.

Facts : a leader disqualifying a whole region and part of its population asking to be heard and answering their calls with bombs, rockets, snipers, tanks, and shadow militias with foreign support (and involvement if we count PMC element coming straight from the US) for self-proclaimed elections with followers from only one side of the country being even able to vote, and labeling millions of opponents as "terrorist that have to be cleansed" instead of pushing for dialogue. I could be talking about Bashar al Assad, technically. But no, the very same story entirely applies to our dear good buddy Porochenko ! Except that the latter got taps on the shoulder for good behavior and promises of even further support in his despicable actions against a part of his own people. Stop being hilarious yourself by pointing at what you call hilarious. We are not in the Reaganian eighties anymore, and CNN does NOT rule the day, we see the other side of the story crystal clear on another part of the globe while the Western Orchestra sets its tunes right to present us with the latest "Democracy beacon" of another region.

Too bad your idols don't hold monopoly on information now !

Anonymous said...

Actually if you took the time to educate yourself, Syria under the Assad's has been the most inclusive, progressive and stable state in the region, with complete protection for minorities, women and a good health care and education system. That was a bane for the retarded Wahhabi and the Zionists who could not see a stable progressive Syria as a front-line resistance state. In any case the people of Syria have spoken and given a resounding vote of confidence to Dr. Assad. The only other dark alternative is endless Wahhabi terrorism, medieval sharia, cannibalism and beheadings by foreign recruited Wahhabi terrorists in the pay of Saudis and US. I guess you would prefer the latter.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, if I were to "edumacate" myself, I would realize that Syria has a very high standard of living. Just look at its ranking in the 2010 Human Development Index ranking of Number 111 out of 169 countries, and you will see that it is one of the lowest even in the pathetic Muslim Mideast, which really is nothing to brag about. I personally like hereditary Assad Family Baathist rule myself. It might actually be preferable to rule by the Twelfth Emam's earthly representative.

BTW, are you the same guy who writes the same thing over and over and over about Wahhabi this, Wahhabi that, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah or are there several different people with lots of free time sitting at a computer and all singing from the same songsheet they have been handed?

Anonymous said...

Freedom Fighters are close to Latakia. Assad's republican guard has been weakend significantly and will soon be vanished.

Anonymous said...

No I guess we are just plenty of people disagreeing with your ideologically motivated and one-sided remarks about a non pro-western country you don't like. As for your "development index" put in place and calculated by western standards and never a true representative of human condition on the ground. I couldn't care less about an index putting Cuba and its top-notch and recognized , internationally renowned advancement in vaccines production both nationally and abroad, widespread and free access to medicine and medical care, its doctors surplus benefiting several much greater neighboring Latin-American economies high-tech hospitals, with a better infant mortality and literacy rates than even Brazil, under second rate and socially backwards countries such as Bulgaria or... SAUDI ARABIA itself and its non-existent self-sustainability without billions of petro-dollars and all-out dependency of its economic life on foreign presence & support. And you thought you were so brilliantly scoring a deadly and humiliating blow to us "12th Imam loving minions" ? whatever the hell that means to you. FYI, I happen to hate the IRI based on this very same social criteria, and the 55-60% of people living under the poverty line in Iran thanks to their mismanagement, corruption and personal enrichment so don't you dare deduce for us what we are or are not as a whole simply because we reject some hypocritical posturing from some countries that you in turn, seem to be keen on blindly adhering to.

Here we talk about Bashar's Syria as a lesser of two evils in opposition to what your beloved America and its GCC countries are trying to make of it, plus a parallel drawn showing how odd it is for some nation to refuse an electoral process while fully supporting the very same kind elswhere in Eastern europe at the same moment.

And I for one am quite proud of being openly opposed to both Wahhabi monarchs and "Republican" Shiites. Political Islam , no matter Sunni or Shiite, is doomed to fail. And has shown how miserable a living failure it is for the average citizen and its rights over the years.

If we are loosing our time, then can I ask what are you doing classifying and listing all of our "nauseating propaganda" so precisely on this blog ?