Monday, June 30, 2014

RuAF delivery of Su-25 combat aircraft to IqAF

RuAF delivery of Sukhoi Su-25 "Frogfoot" close air support aircraft to IqAF on 29JUN14

IqAF Su-25 combat aircraft presently undergoing assembly at Imam Ali bin Abi Talib Air Force Base (ICAO: ORTL / LID: TAL), located 20 kilometers southwest of Nasiriyah

Russian sources claim initial five Su-25s rushed through ‘routine maintenance’ at ARZ 121 / Kubinka before shipment to IqAF. Also it's rumored Iraq's previous request for Iran to return Su-25 aircraft now in IRGC-AF inventory was declined, presumably based on Iranian defense needs and possibly operational condition.

It's said current IqAF pilot roster includes four individuals with experience flying the Sukhoi Su-25, however it's also said IqAF currently lacks trained ground crew personnel for this type.

Claim indicates number of Su-25 aircraft to be delivered to IqAF at twelve. Above 29 RED prior to delivery at ARZ 121 / Kubinka. Russian sources claim above aircraft of Su-25K specification.

Iraqi sources are also claiming a forthcoming delivery of two Sukhoi Su-24 "Fencer" all-weather attack aircraft.

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Anonymous said...

Finally, happy to see this confirmed and a good singal from Russia to the West that red lines are passed. This was as I mentioned earlier a quick delivery to Iraq in which Iran and Russia were completely aligned. These planes are most probably already operational and Iran will provide the necessary technology and know-how for operating and flying htem. ISIS advancement will be slowed or even stopped.