Monday, May 5, 2014

Iranian Navy ships dock in Port Sudan

Jamaran Class destoyer/Aspahbod
Two Iranian naval ships have docked in Sudan today.

According to Sudan's army spokesman Sawarmi Khaled Saad the two ships, one a warship and the other a navy supply ship, docked in Port Sudan. They were there in order to refuel before continuing on their journey elsewhere. (AP, May 5)

A chief assistant to the Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has recently said that there is "nothing peculiar" about Sudan's relations with Iran. He stressed that Tehran-Khartoum relations have not affected Sudan's relations with Arab Middle East states like Saudi Arabia.

A senior Sudanese opposition politician has recently asserted that relations between Sudan and Saudi Arabia amount to "zero".

Sudan also has close ties with Qatar which recently found itself in a diplomatic dispute with three of its fellow Gulf Cooperation Council states. This was a result of what they perceive to be Qatars slanted pro-Muslim Brotherhood disposition and that tiny country's diverging policies on other issues of interest to them. This dispute is said to have been resolved but it did nevertheless serve to show the tense relations which sometimes exists between these GCC alliance Arab monarchies.

Qatar has also seeking to establish free trade zones with Tehran. Furthermore Tehran and Doha are in talks to implement a 2010 security pact and enhance ties between the two countries. (Fars News, April 15)

And recently there has even been talk about building a causeway which will link Iran and Oman.


Anonymous said...

The Sudanese newspaper Rai al-Shaab (Opinion of the People), owned and controlled by Sudanese opposition leader Hassan al-Turabi, recently published an article that potentially provides new and important insight into Sudan's terrorist ties to Iran. The article alleges that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), a U.S.-designated terrorist organization, is operating a secret weapons factory in Sudan to funnel weapons to Iran-sponsored terrorist organizations in Africa and the Middle East.
Several Arab bloggers circulated the article last week. Today, these blogs are the only evidence that the article ever existed. Soon after it was published, Sudanese authorities shut down the entire newspaper. The paper's deputy editor, Abu Zur al-Amin, was arrested on charges of "terrorism, espionage and destabilizing the constitutional system," according to Reuters.

Anonymous said...

God bless Iran, for keeping all our enemies at bay all over the globe and for protecting the legitimate interests of a sovereign nation anywhere on this planet. I am proud to be an Iranian. You can call us terrorists or what ever you like but you can never call us stooges and weaklings like the Shah and the fat oily shaikhs of the Persian Gulf

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:37 PM

Wake up and smell the coffee beans. One of the US main "stooges" is the Islamic regime in Iran. Why do you think US supports Islamic terrorists like Taliban,Moslem Brotherhood and Islamists in Syria and Libya? Islamism is US best friend,and that includes Islamic regime in Iran.

Mark Pyruz said...

IRIN 30th flotilla:

- IRINS Alvand (ex-Saam) (71) Alvand class (Vosper Mk5 type) frigates (FFG)

- IRINS Bushehr (422) Bandar Abbas class replenishment ship (AORLH)

Vessels recently participated in Iran and Oman Navies joint search and rescue exercise in Sea of ​​Oman.

Anonymous said...

Long live the Islamic Republic of Iran, haters gonna hate !

Anonymous said...

The islamic regime is the best friend of the western world. The islamic regime serves both masters the western world and the Chinese. While there is mass unemployment in Iran followed by seventy percent poverty. Islamic regime feeds civil war in Syria and pays billions of dollars to Hezbollah and other terrorists while US uses Iran as threat to sell billions of dollars in arms to Arab states. Win win for asset stripping thieving mullah regime the Chiness and western arms producers. Lose lose for Iranian people under the yoke of terrorist theocratic dictatorship hell bent in the destruction of Iran.