Monday, May 5, 2014

Iran Moves to Meet May 15 IAEA Deadline

IAEA officials held talks in Tehran today to review the progress on last year’s agreement with Iran on a seven-areas confidence-building process, with an implementation deadline of 15 May. When implemented, the agreement is to provide transparency on Iranian nuclear program and allay international concerns on possible military dimensions to the program.

This agreement is not part of the ongoing talks on a final comprehensive agreement between Iran and P5+1, but its progress will affect negotiations, as the steps taken by Iran could resolve some of unresolved issues with world powers.

On Sunday, semi-official news agency ISNA reported that Iran has provided the IAEA information it had requested about detonators that can be used to help set off an explosive atomic device; there were no comments by IAEA if the information satisfied its requirements.

Meanwhile, the IAEA inspectors will visit Saghand uranium mine and Ardakan ore processing plant. Together they produce and refine uranium for use in enrichment units.

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