Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hard Landing at Zahedan

The pilot of an Iran Aseman airliner managed to make hard landing at Zahedan airport after the plane’s landing gears failed to open. 9 passengers were injured. The Aseman Flight 8053 with 113 passengers and crew members onboard had originated in Mashhad. (IRNA, 10 May)

Photo credit: Iran Aseman airplane after making hard landing at Zahedan airport. (Abtin Risbaf/ISNA)


Anonymous said...

What type of plane, western or russian manufactured ??

It also testifies that, the Iranian pilots are among the best, since they can land without landing gears.


Anonymous said...

Iran really needs 400 passenger jets of all kinds now! A country which once had the most modern air force and the most modern passenger fleet in the region is now behind countries such as Qatar, UAE and Turkey in the field of aerospace. It has not been able to manufacture any passenger aircraft n great numbers to satisfy the needs, it has bad experience from Russian old aircrafts so the only option is to go to Boeing or Airbus. Even the Chinese and Russians are buying planes from these two manufacturers. Sure the sanctions is keeping Iran grounded but Iran really needs to understand it is behind the world by 40 years now. It is of no good to "overhaul" these old aircrafts, there is no pride in that anymore, it was good duirng the 80s and 90s but is now 2014 and Iran has to modernize its fleet now!

Yossarian said...

Looks like an early model MD-80... = old

Brig. Gen. Basrawi (IQAF. ret) said...

Iranian pilots do not get enough credit on the worldstage for their piloting skills, and i say that as an Iraqi. Also it is more important now than ever before for Iran and the P5+1 to agree on a comprehensive deal so that the toughest sanctions can be removed, allowing Iran to change its airliners.

A passenger plane or any kind of aircraft for that matter can not go through renovations infinitely and still be expected to perform optimally in regards to speed, maneuver and altitude, as if it was brand new and an endlessly renovated aircraft cannot be expected to inhibit the same level of structural integrity (cope with the gravitational forces and airflow resistance), as if it was brand new. At some point an aircraft must be replaced with newly manufactured, structurally healthy aircraft.

Brig. Gen. Basrawi (IQAF. ret) said...

No, it's a Fokker-100. Its design is not as old as the MD-80, nonetheless, that aircraft has been in service long enough to warrant a replacement.

Yossarian said...

A Gen.Basrawi: You are correct. The tail assembly is all wrong for a DC-9/MD-80. Either way, both are out of production for some time, and the Iranian officials are going to be facing some "civil unrest" if they don't procure some new aircraft soon, one way or another.

Mark Pyruz said...


Iran Aseman Airlines

Fokker 100 (F-28-0100)

EP-ASZ (cn 11421)


An Iran Aseman Airlines Fokker 100, registration EP-ASZ performing flight EP-853 from Mashad to Zahedan (Iran) with 103 people on board, was on approach to Zahedan when the left main gear did not extend prompting the crew to abort the approach and enter a hold at about 12:00L (07:30Z). Attempts to lower the left main gear via alternate means were without success forcing the crew to perform a partial gear up landing on Zahedan's runway 35 about one hour after aborting the first approach, the aircraft veered left off the runway causing a huge plume of dust rising above the aircraft. The aircraft came to a stop about 1500 meters down the runway left off the runway. 9 occupants received minor injuries, 2 of them were taken to hospital for observation, 7 treated at the airport. The aircraft received substantial damage.

The airport reported the aircraft entered a hold for about one hour after the left main gear did not indicate down and locked. The crew attempted to the extend and lock the gear according to checklists, but all attempts failed. The aircraft burned off fuel while emergency services prepared for the arrival of the aircraft. There were no injuries during the landing, however, during the emergency evacuation 9 injuries occurred as result of people rushing out of the emergency exits. The accident is under investigation.

Anonymous said...

well, I think they are realizing the inevitable. If you cant buy them, then build them

Unknown said...

This will never happen. They don't have the capacity for such big project. It is just wishful thinking.

Yossarian said...

You mean like those oil tankers, container ships, 1,000,000+ cars a year, etc? All wishful thinking?

Anonymous said...

Here's the crasch landing

Anonymous said...

whatever zeino71, Sharif University is world renowned.

Heres another article about the "Capacity" of Iranian Engineers.

Which incidently is the main university along with Amir Kabir working on Iran's domestic commercial airliner.