Tuesday, May 6, 2014

IRIN port of call Karachi, Pakistan

List of Iran Navy vessels recently docked at Karachi, Pakistan, led by IRIN Captain Abbas Ali Jahanbakhsh and expected to participate in joint naval exercise with the Pakistan Navy:

- IRINS Ghadir 953 (953) Ghadir class midget submarine (SSM)

- IRINS Falakhon (P226) Kaman class (Combattante II type) guided missile patrol boat (PGGF)

- IRINS Khanjar (P230) Kaman class (Combattante II type) guided missile patrol boat (PGGF)

- IRINS Hendijan (1401) Hendijan class offshore patrol vessel (PBO)

- IRINS Daylam (424) Delvar class logistic and support ship (AWT)

File photo: IRIN Ghadir class midget submarine (SSM)

File photo: IRIN Kaman class (Combattante II type) guided missile patrol boat (PGGF)

File photo, background: IRIN Hendijan class offshore patrol vessel (PBO)

File photo: IRINS Daylam (424) Delvar class logistic and support ship (AWT)

Photos: Hosein Zohrevand and Azin Haghighi at Fars News Agency, Press TV


Anonymous said...

ghadir looks like submarine from WWI

Anonymous said...

Nisar denies kidnapped Iranian guards ever on Pakistani soil

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tuesday strongly denied that kidnapped Iranian border guards were ever on its soil, amid fresh efforts to improve fractured ties before Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's visit to Tehran.

Pakistani Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan denied the abducted men had ever crossed the border.

“Let me reiterate very categorically that those five Iranian guards were never ever present in Pakistan,” he said.

“So the question of fifth one being in Pakistan is out of question.”

Khan was speaking at a joint press conference in Islamabad with his Iranian counterpart, Abdolereza Rahmani Fazli.


Anonymous said...

How about the American civil war era?

Anonymous said...

no, they fire reeal torpedos

Anonymous said...

Actually these are modern and highly capable little craft beautifully suited to persian gulf operations,indeed one only has to look at how successful they`ve been in service with the dprk navy despite the souths clear naval superiority