Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rouhani trip to Shanghai aboard Mahan Air A310

Aircraft: Airbus A310-304
Operator: Mahan Airlines
Reg: unidentified
Date: 20 May 2014
Location: Shanghai, China
Photographer: Mohammad Hossein Velayati (Mehr News Agency)

Notes: Interesting choice of civil air carrier and aircraft to fly president to CICA Summit, likely taken as Mahan Airlines experienced by regular service to Shanghai: Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA / OIIE) to Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG / ZSPD).


Anonymous said...

Iran is a poor country under sanctions being fleeced by the mullahs and the ex-nutty President Ahmadinejad with antiquated "Presidential Planes". Rouhani is doing the right thing by flying commercial and maybe the mullahs can fly on a Persian carpet or wing and a prayer considering the damage they have done to Iranian economy and aviation.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame to see the representative of the great Iranian people who once were flying latest Boeing and Airbus which were reserved for the government or even personalities with distinguished aircraft names to fly a second-tier national airliner to important regional meeting. It is like if Erdogan would fly Pegasus to NATO meeting in Brussels!

It is just amazing and sad to see how Iran has gone from being number 1 in civilian and military aviation in the region to now being behind even Afghanistan. The situation in Iranian sky is like the one on the streets on Havana where 50 years old cars are still rolling.

Anonymous said...

the Iran president will take Airbus, Boeing, car, Horses, donkey, Camel, flyingcarpet
but neither we shame nor
give up our Nuke program.

Anonymous said...

let the corruptor Erdogan fly with best Jet to the Nato, but he don ot dare to go to the Soma

Anonymous said...

Re: "...but neither we shame nor give up our Nuke program". By "your" nuke program. are you referring to Russia's piece-of-garbage reactor in Bushehr that it took them forever to complete? Even now, it is still often "under repair". Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Yes the "Nuke program". The very same "Nuke program" that is costing Iran hundreds of billions of dollars in lost revenues and making Iranian people live in abject misery. With the amount of money spent on the second hand and dilapidated "Nuke program" other countries could have built twenty reactors and a robust economy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:37 AM
Dr Ahmadiejad is not your altar boy or one of your nutty friends, because he graduated from famous universities and had earned Phd degree in addition to a bachelor degree in the civil engineering.

Former President is a member of university faculties as well as his wife, who also earned degrees too.

His all three children also graduated from Iranian universities.

Dr Ahmadinejad was admitted to university, during the shah's era and he scored close to 130 place among couple hundred thousand students, who undertaken those admissions tests.


Anonymous said...

which cost ?
The we are not able to sell oil ansd we are making loss.
Iran economy is suffering.
the oil is always there and can be sell later, but if Nuke program goes, it goes forever.

at the end we stand there , less dependent on oil economy.