Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Iran Defense Minister Dehghan in China

Above: PRC Defense Minister Chang Wanquan (center) and IRI Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan (right) inspect a PRC honor guard preceding talks in Beijing, May 5, 2014  [Xinhua]

According to Tasnim News Agency:
China wants closer defense ties with Iran, Chinese Defense Minister Chang Wanquan said during a Monday meeting with his Iranian counterpart, Hossein Dehqan, in Beijing.
Chang said the development of bilateral relations has remained positive and steady, featuring frequent high-level exchanges and deepened political mutual trust, Xinhua reported.
Witnessing increased mutual visits and personnel training cooperation between the armed forces, Chang said he is confident that the friendly relations between the two countries as well as the armed forces will be reinforced.
This is Dehqan's first visit to China since he took office. He voiced the hope that the two countries would continue to play a positive role in safeguarding regional peace and stability.
Dehqan arrived in Beijing on Sunday at the invitation of Chang, starting a four-day official visit to China.
It's a near certainty the subject of militant Salafi terrorism has been a topic of discussion between Iranian Defense Minister Dehghan and Chinese Defense Minister Chang.

China has a recent history of being subjected to terrorism by Al-Qaeda backed Xinjiang militants, while Iran supports efforts against Al-Qaeda linked fighters in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.


Mark Pyruz said...

Quite a flurry of Iran military international relations currently transpiring: IRI DefMin in China, IRIN at Karachi and Port Sudan, Iran helping to effect withdrawal of rebel fighters from Homs in Syria, etc.

Anonymous said...

yes, soon we'll all be reading about the upcoming Iranian Civil War

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we will be reading about the Iranian Civil War in your dream. That is how pathetic you becomes when you fail to put a check on our hatred. Am really sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousMay 6, 2014 at 11:18 AM
Well said

Anonymous said...

There won't be any civil war because the armed forces know that the regime is so rotten that they are not willing to support Ahriman dictatorial theocracy when it slips up. Of course there will always be die hard elements within the security forces. And we know what awaits them if they resist the people.

Anonymous said...

Iran has been exercising very smart international military policies, where they create options for competitions from Russia and China for a future deliveries of modern weaponry to Iran.

Russia, at this time, has to overcome the major problem with its weaponry deliveries to Iran, which is related to the $4 billion penalty related to the cancelation of the S-300.
However, there is a high probability that next year will see event of that delivery (S-300) fulfilled.

Regarding substitutes for that penalty, there are posibilities for a transfer of other technologies and weaponry, including the Pantsir systems, naval vessels' mounted air defenses and license for a jet engine, as well as an Iranian access to Russian satellite technologies, which were envisioned in the recent (April 10, 2014) talks between Acting Director of the Iranian Space Agency Hamid Fazeli and his Russian counterparts.......