Monday, May 19, 2014

New pics: Ahvaz light rail metro, under construction

New pics of latest construction taking place at the Ahvaz light rail metro site. In distance, trailer-mounted boom concrete pump.

Interior construction detail of "gateway station" for Ahvaz light rail metro project

Construction taking place at a passenger access point for Ahvaz light rail metro line

Interior detail of construction at access point for Ahvaz light rail metro line

Subterranean construction detail, Ahvaz light rail metro line

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Anonymous said...

Interesting that few days ago Mr Uskowi and myself re-iterated the point that having half finished construction pictures do not necessary indicate a healthy economy.

I wish you could arrange some more info about something more substantial. like "Iran develops sea rescue drone prototype in Tehran". The work was done by a private firm in Iran and we see drones are developed in Iran for something more that just military use.

Anonymous said...

The correct indicia would be want ads in Iran showing the pathetic salaries earned by Iranians $250 or 750,000 tomans per month if they're lucky.

Anonymous said...

While I agree that this isnt a sign of a good economy, and Mark should refrain from saying that these projects are signs of a healthy economy. I am however still interested in infrastructure projects
Maybe after posting something like this Mark should just point out that these projects create jobs for local population that are hired to work on them, decrease traffic and pollution and saves on fuel consumption instead

I wish Mark would post on stuff like Irans performance at this years Robocup instead in which the Qazvin Azad University defeated the German team

Anon 3:03 youll see some info such as the rescue drone under the thread from a couple days ago entitled
Nuclear Talks Moving ‘Very Slowly and With Difficulty’

Anonymous said...

nothing says progress like digging a big hole in the ground..........

this spate of public works construction reminds me of the US (heh, heh) during the Depression of the 1930s.

the Iranian economy has been stagnant for the last 30 years and only the sale of oil and gas has kept it afloat.

try comparing the economy of Iran since 1979 with that of Turkey .... and you'll see just how badly Iran has fared.

Anonymous said...

of course a big hole is sign of nothing ,, unless the Metro is realy going in to the Service.

Anonymous said...

here's a picture of a beautifully constructed building