Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pars General Hospital in Rasht, under construction

Another active, ambitious construction project in the latter stages of development: Pars General Hospital in the Goslar district of Rasht. Developed site encompasses 17,400 sqm, with a structure gross floor area of 23,000 sqm.

A number of Iranian woman architects and architectural design associates worked on the project.. Architecture comprises white travertine stone and glass as the main material, applied in combination of wooden texture panels on the exterior walls. Above photo depicts initiation of the site's landscaping.
Schematic rendering of Pars General Hospital in Rasht. Various departments include laboratories, accident and emergency (A&E),a cute care services, obstetrics and gynecology theater,  IVF, ICU, CCU, specialized clinics, pediatric & E.N.T wards, operating theater, Helipad and more.

Rendering of completed Pars General Hospital in Rasht

Map location for Pars General Hospital in the Goslar district of Rasht

Photos: Pars General Hospital

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