Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fire rages in Qazvin

The Ancient Jameh Mosque of Qazvin/Mehr
Reports are emerging that there is a fire in northern industrial Iranian city of Qazvin.

Details as of writing are sketchy as the situation develops.

That warehouse fire is situated near an oil storage depot in the city.

Mehr News has said there are no immediate reports of any casualties. The agency reports that the blaze was dangerously close to an 18 thousand-liter oil tank.

Apparently the fire was a result of a welding accident.

Roads leading up to the source of the explosion have been closed off. Fars News Agency said earlier that the explosion had gone off in a wood and oil storage facility in the city injuring 50.


Anonymous said...

According to IRNA in Fasri, the fire started in an oil storage depot and after 7.5 hours firefighting it is now (thank god) under control.

B.M.A said...

PAUL ,with due respect
a lot of positive things are going on in the country ,particularly in FIELD of science and technology - in the Universities and collages !-wont you bring these too? or are you among those who are -'WAITING FOR AN accident to happen in IRAN'?.

Anonymous said...

B.M.A: they really dont care about any positive developments, they ignore them alltogether and only mention negative developments. The literacy rate in Iran in 1976 was only 36% with a huge gender gap, now its 97% with no Gender gap. Yet if you ask most Iranians they'll try to convince you the educational system was better then.
Iran never ranked in robocups, math olympiads before the revolution.
Our science production is 17th in the world, with the fastest growth in the world.

and if you happen to point out things like this your labelled an "agent" or "on the payroll" of the government.

They rather concentrate on how bad the economy is and blame the government for it, even though American, Israeli and EU officials brag on TV everyday about how they crippled Iran's economy and take credit for it.

Nader Uskowi said...

By your comments, you are demonstrating the height of your ignorance. If anything, this blog has been renowned for its reporting of military developments and construction activities in the country. Do we cover bad news, you bet we do, when they are news. This fire, was a major news covered by all Iranian media, including the country's official news agencies. What was the cause of it, was it possibly foul play at work, and other questions related to such incident. For future reference, please note that thinking a bit before commenting might not hurt you!