Thursday, May 15, 2014

Iran's Future Enrichment Program Big Hurdle at Vienna Talks

Iranian and Western officials and diplomats told Reuters that the scope of Iranian enrichment program has become the biggest hurdle in the ongoing talks in Vienna.

An unnamed Iranian official told Reuters that it will be “very difficult though not impossible” to bridge the divide on the number and type of centrifuge machines, as well as the enrichment level and size of enriched uranium stockpile Iran can accumulate.

Please see the analysis posted on this blog yesterday on the wide gap between the two sides on some key issues regarding the future of Iran’s nuclear program.


Mark Pyruz said...

Disappointing but not unsurprising.

The Iranians have been very clear and public with their stance since the commencement of these negotiations (which were initiated secretly at the very tail end of the Ahmadinejad administration).

That position has been the Iranians are willing to ally Western concerns of nuclear weaponization proliferation by means of more nuclear inspections. The more liberal, executive branch of IRIG has stuck its neck out in the hope of demonstrating good faith that a deal can be struck, and Iran's nuclear rights under the NPT will be respected as a result of a more intrusive nuclear regimin..

Meanwhile the SL branch of IRIG and IRGC have been skeptical all along that these negotiations will produce a different result than the many times it's been attempted in the past. They have publicly stated numerous times that they expect another failure, with the ultimate goal of this being the same as it has been the past 35 years: regime change.

Anonymous said...

the goal of the western powers is to prevent the Iranian regime from producing nuclear weapons or having the capacity to produce them in short order.

there is no other goal.

regime change in Iran would be wonderful and benefit everyone, especially the Iranian people, but that's not the goal of these talks, despite what some dishonest little folks try to say.

Anonymous said...

It is only for children, that "there is no other goal".....

Representatives of the administration, in their testimonies, have already confirmed, that the sanctions for instance, are meant to increase public discontent (and undermine current rulers) in Iran and provide security for israel.......

Russia's position to participate in some actions of the West, is prompted by the West's excuses and pretexts to deploy missile shield (against Iran threat) upon that pretext against Russia too, and a possibility that countries such as Saudi Arabia or Turkey could arm themselves or seek nuclear armament under the same pretexts in the future....

Russian FM has recently stated, that Iranian missiles were not an issue related to the P5+1 nuclear many 'commentators' try to impose their views in support of the West.


Anonymous said...

it is only for fools that the staunch American opposition to the rather vile Iranian regime is to be confused for the adamantine view that the regime is the problem of the Iranian people and any nuclear weaponry held by that vile regime is a threat to the regime and to the world.

the US will take whatever action is necessary to deny the Iranian theocracy nuclear weapons but the US will await the Iranian people to throw off the oppression of the reactionary theocrats.