Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Zarif: I will not let my country be damaged by Holocaust denial statements

Javad Zarif.
Mohammed Javad Zarif has come received some criticism from conservative hard-liners in Iran for comments he made in an interview given to German media last February. On that occasion he said the Holocaust was undeniably a "horrifying tragedy." (AP, May 6)

Mr. Zarif had already last year said that the Holocaust was a "heinous crime."

In a session of the country's parliament Mr. Zarif defended his remarks and has said the promulgation of Holocaust denial by the Ahmadinejad government in recent years has tarnished Iran's image and has given its regional enemy Israel a propaganda coup.

Zarif maintains that he will not allow his country's reputation to be damaged and undermined by "Holocaust denial."

Zarif spoke of "Zionist projections against Iran" and accused Israel of spreading "Iranophobia."

He also proclaimed that, "Netanyahu shamelessly raises a hue and cry that Iran is denying the Holocaust and says that Holocaust-denying Iran is after creating another Holocaust by producing an atomic bomb."

In reference to the Holocaust he said that, "From the point of view of the Iranian people, massacres of innocent people anywhere and in any form are to be condemned."

During that majlis session where Zarif's comments were discussed video was played of the Supreme Leader Ali Khameini who has himself questioned the scope of the Holocaust. (RFE/RL, May 6)

The hard-line legislators present to hear Zarif defend his pronouncements said that they were "satisfied" with his "explanation."

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