Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Pics: District 22 Park & Lake Development Construction in Tehran

Five tower cranes visible in this pic for a truly massive sized construction site

Tracked excavator and Mercedes-Benz L-series fitted with loader crane visible working this element of the development

How the water fill appears beside the development

Artist's rendering of this aspect of the completed site

Artist's rendering of a completed commercial development

Artist's rendering of interior of completed commercial development


Anonymous said...

Maybe that's where the farmers water is disappearing too?

Anonymous said...

Not really true. Iranian agricultural yield per acre is now at its highest. In any case it is very good to see all this construction and development. Iranians should be proud of all this despite the immense foreign pressure. Thanks Mark.

Anonymous said...

Artist's rendering of the wit and wisdom of the fanboy.


Anonymous said...

Mark, thanks for sharing these great photos.

Anonymous said...

The so called "Mehr" affordable housing buildings are being delivered to the people with nothing done inside these apartments. The low income owners have to complete the inside construction work themselves. So much for the IRI justice for poor people. Go Mark, post more propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any proof that the suffering farmers agricultural yield per acre is at its highest due to government mismanagement?