Saturday, March 23, 2013

Recent pics: Eshan Bridge under construction, Shiraz

Most recent pic of the Eshan Bridge construction project in Shiraz, Iran. Three cranes are visible working at the site, one of them a crawler crane. Note the three tower cranes visible in the distance in unrelated Shirazi construction projects.

Bridge piers being formed. Note forms set aside beside the partially constructed piers.

An upper section of a bridge pier with forms attached.

Bridge pier construction employing a pair of truck-mounted hydraulic cranes. Note sections of rebar set aside in the foreground.

Forms being hoisted into position by a Mercedes Benz 6x4 truck-mounted crane

Good pic of rebar cages and forms being employed in construction of the bridge piers

Pier forms transported on a simple tailer arrangement

Google map location of the Eshan Bridge project, under construction

Photos: Pouya Akhtardanesh


Mark Pyruz said...

Because of past discrepancies over project names I'll be endeavoring to include google map details for these construction sites.

Anonymous said...

always nice to see cranes in Iran that don't have dead men dangling from them.

Anonymous said...

Yeah,but those cranes have a top priority to hang people first.