Friday, March 8, 2013

New Pics: Yaqchian Waterpark Amusement Center in Tabriz under construction

Yaqchian Waterpark in final stages of construction

Waterpark features seventeen water slides (!)

Total area for the amusement center is 8000 square meters

Waterpark is housed within a five story structure



Anonymous said...

Damet garm Mark!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Look here:

B.M.A said...

LONG live the leadership, long live the revolution!!-WAITING tirelessly for some lightweight appreciations from J.F and USKOWI for these human projects by the regime!!.

- but what a deafening silence the two!!.

Anonymous said...

Come on B.M.A dont tap into Sheytans falls and be like this. When something is good or just human then it is enough that anybody say nothing. There were times ppl said "khob ba pule mardom sakhtan." In English u say taxes ;-). So just be happy that there is no comments. Better than baseless comments. Right?