Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fajr 5 & Nazeat 10 Missiles (PHOTO)

The Iranian Army (‘Artesh’) today test-fired two short-range missiles during a daylong military exercise near the central city of Kashan. The missiles, Fajr 5 and Nazeat 10 reportedly hit their targets. Fajr 5 is a 333 mm surface-to-surface artillery rocket. The missile has a maximum range of 75 kilometers. Nazeat 10 is a ballistic missile with a range of about 100 kilometers. (Fars News Agency, 14 March)

Photo credit: Rouhollah Yazdani/Tasnim News Agency/


Anonymous said...

The camoflauge pattern on the truck is somewhat silly and one that probably was chosen without any serious would have been good had they painted the entire truck in a way that would potentially cause a degree of delusion ... it just looks like the whole truck is kind of "blooming" with flowers.

reader said...

Camouflauge is not that effective against an enemy aircraft equipped with modern image analysis and object recognition system. They have on board the signature profile of any IRI military vehicles capable of carrying missiles and can attack from tenth of miles away.