Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Pics: Koohsar twin tunnel & highway construction, Shiraz

Southeastern Koohsar twin tunnel entrances

Mercedes-Benz L-series concrete mixer transport truck and bulldozer seen at right. 
Site's cement-related silos seen at left.

Koohsar twin tunnel entrances just visible at left. 
Building at right is the Regional Information Center for Science and Technology (RICeST), Shiraz.

View looking down atop the tunnel entrances, with RICeST at left and the city of Shiraz in the background

Visible in this shot are the many construction vehicles tending the site, including numerous tracked excavators, 6X4 dump trucks and a 6x6 tractor pulling a water trailer. Note temporary worksite lodgings at right. Project undertaken by Fajr Construction Institute under contract with the municipality of Shiraz.

Google imagery of the southeastern Koohsar twin tunnel entrances

Northwestern Koohsar tunnel entrance.
Buildings in foreground are likely extensions of Shiraz University.

Koohsar highway construction visible at the foot of the mountain

Koohsar highway construction pavement efforts

Tunnel sections depicted in this pictorial shown in red double lines

Photos: Pouya Akhtar-Danesh at

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