Sunday, March 17, 2013

Iran Navy Warns Off Australian Aircraft

Naval Task Force Was Approaching Sri Lankan Coast

Iranian Navy Spokesman Rear Admiral Siavosh Jarreh said that an Australian aircraft approached Iran’s 24th naval task force today as it approached the Sri Lankan coast. The task force, comprised of IRIS Sabalan (73), a frigate, and IRIS Kharg (431), a replenishment ship, reportedly warned off the Australian reconnaissance plane. The Iranian ships were returning from a visit to China's Zhangjiagang port.

“Immediately after receiving the warning, the Australian reconnaissance plane changed its flight course, but it began dropping submarine detection devices…all of which was picked up by our marines,” Adm. Jarreh said. (Fars News Agency, 17 March)

File photo: IRIS Sabalan (73)/Fars News Agency


Anonymous said...

Respect shown on the high seas by the Pommies!

Yossarian said...

Began dropping submarine detection "devices," i.e SONAR buoys? Okay...