Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mehr housing project in Pardis, under construction

This Mehr housing project currently under construction is within a planned community in Pardis,  situated east of the city of Tehran in the county and province of Tehran.

Multiple towers being erected at the construction site utilizing a number of tower cranes

Residential tower built from concrete using a tower crane

Earlier state of development: no less than five tower cranes visible

Iranian-made HEPCO HR105B1 road roller and three tracked excavators

Wall map showing the large scale of this Mehr public housing development

Source: IRNA


Anonymous said...

More IRGC money sinkholes.

Anonymous said...

This project is being helped by UN-HABITAT personnel:

B.M.A said...

ANY tangible evidence to support your claim?-before you take the tittle of an ALL TALK!!.

IS IT a crime for a member of the IRGC to invest in real estate in the country??.

WHO KNOWS the British airways is not owned by the M16?