Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Recent pics: Residential construction project in Ardabil

Southwest parcel of Ardabil currently under construction

Visible at right is Shourabil Lake

Fairly typical Iranian construction: brick, steel and concrete

Frontage of residential multi-unit buildings in various stages of construction

A 6x6 tractor with large water trailer serving the construction site

Likely migrant construction laborers working the site

Google map of the residential project

Photos: artawilnewsblogfa.com


Anonymous said...

Mr Pyrouz, please click on the link and see the statistics from the Iranian "Majles".


Anonymous said...

Likeable pictures as always. We appreciate them, Mark.

Anonymous said...

gee, wouldn't everyone here who enjoys construction project photos really love to see pictures of all of Iran's new nuclear power plants being built so that we all could see why Iran needs to refine so much uranium...... for civilian use?

why aren't photos of all the new power plants featured by the fanboy?

reader said...

Are we supposed to be proud of these soviet-era style tower block monstrosities?
No imagination,no vision and no creativity. Iranians are well known for their rich cultural heritage of art, architecture and creative capacity. These soulless concrete monstrosities don't lives up to that reputation

Anonymous said...

Couldn't disagree with you.These building are horrible and soulless and lack any imagination and design.Compare them to some of the earlier designs in Ardabil.

Foad Torshizi said...

It is really disappointing that when it comes to low income people taste walks out of the other door. These buildings are hideous but not uncharacteristic of government-sponsored projects for low income people. When they want to build something nice, they know how to do it. Look at the Central Bank's architecture in Tehran, it is quite beautiful. Or, the department of Energy's new building at the north end of Kurdistan Highway facing the beautiful Mellat Cinema Complex. It is really sad and disappointing to see that Iran is becoming on a daily basis a better place for the rich to live in and more and more hostile and dark for the poor. The revolution was supposed to undo this.

Anonymous said...

What are you all smoking? Have you been to some of the projects in the u.s.? Its a 100 times worse...eesign, quality, you name it! What do u want them to do? You want them to build the poor the gorge of dubai? Boro jamesh kon baba! Housing projects in general should only have one function....to proviee shelter. Next time I will tell ali agha to do a half circle windows and doors ke shoma aghaian razi basheen! Lol

Foad Torshizi said...

That is not a good excuse. The US has the highest civilian gun violence. Should we have the same in Iran? Who said that the US is the scale against which we should measure Iran's performance. Also, US housing policies are more diffused than what you think. For example New York has a quite progressive model for low income housing, where the low income are dispersed in apartment housings without residents being able to identify them or block them off / geometrize them into segregated units.

Fortis GW said...

It can still be improved.. make it beautiful through landscaping.