Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fajr 5 & Nazeat 10 Missiles (VIDEO)

The Iranian Army (‘Artesh’) today test-fired two short-range missiles during a daylong military exercise near the central city of Kashan. The missiles, Fajr 5 and Nazeat 10 reportedly hit their targets. Fajr 5 is a 333 mm surface-to-surface artillery rocket. The missile has a maximum range of 75 kilometers. Nazeat 10 is a ballistic missile with a range of about 100 kilometers. (Fars News Agency, 14 March)

Video credit: IRIB/YouTube


mat said...

The effectiveness of IRAN's owned-class of missiles technology shown on video footage worldwide has kept the world Zionists' of the U.S. and its life-term master, Israel, just right at bay for 34 consecutive years.

Anonymous said...

I concur!

Anonymous said...

They could have never done this to us. I think the zionist hollywood people have made all this up because really the USA left our persian gulf like cowards run away.