Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dezful Air Show 2013

IRIAF annual air show at Dezful Vahdati Air Force Base (DEF / OIAD / TFB.4)

Northrop (HESA) F-5E Saeghe fitted with AIM-9 Sidewinder training round

Lineup of Northrop F-5F Tiger II aircraft in use since the mid-1970s

IRIAF F-5F Tiger II air crew

Northrop (HESA) F-5B Simorgh

IRIAF F-5 flight demonstration

IRIAF McDonnell Douglas F-4D Phantom II

Foreground: McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II

IRIAF Fokker F-27-400M Troopship

IRIAF C-130 Hercules military transport aircraft

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29B (9-12B) from the 11th Tactical Fighter Squadron. Note falcon emblem on vertical stabilizer. 

IRIAF F-14A Tomcat 

IRIAF Bell 214C Isfahan medium-lift helicopter

ZU-23-2 23 mm anti-aircraft twin-barreled autocannons

IRIAF air base security

Photos: Islamic Republic News Agency and S. Dorchin


Anonymous said...

The Uniforms are just awful.

Yossarian said...

This is GREAT NEWS!!! It's nice to see America's long forgotten antiques still being flown by a third world joke of an air force!

Love the gay uniforms, to...Who says that the mullah's aren't into public display's of homosexuality?

Anonymous said...

the USA-style baseball caps are fun.

Anonymous said...

Iran's air force doctorine is to protect the country's air space and is defensive in nature. Obviously they do not have any projective power with these old planes and to be honest iran doesn't really need an airforce beyond what they currently have. Their missile lineup should be all they need for now to take them thru the negotiations...and in time they will be able to buy new hardware. Btw, those kids are doing their 'sarbazi' and are not actual air force give them a break.

Anonymous said...

Amazing testament to the ingenuity of Iranian engineers, technicians and pilots to keep these vintage planes in pristine condition. I believe the timing is right to buy some new aircraft from Russia and China. Russia stills rules the aerospace sector and both India and China are avid fans of Russian military aircraft. India has won all its wars against the US supplied Pakis. Russian planes in skilled Iranian hands would make Sukhoi and MIG bureau designers proud. Iran perhaps has the most skilled fliers and engineers in the world. BTW, the displaced blue camouflage uniforms on the IRIAF commandos is good. Russians have similar for their airforce.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pyruz. The US has just completed a two-lane road in Scranton, Pennsylvania which features stop signs and traffic signals as well as lines painted on the road to divide the two lanes. How will Iran respond to this? This road may also contain a speed limit sign!

mat said...

The footage shown above reveal that it's all IRAN's smart puzzles and will definitely keep the rest of the world; wondering, predicting and puzzling. IRAN now, has all the 'know-how' tecnologies especially regarding military hardwares as well, ranging from as simple as a bullet to a missile and as difficult as a fighter jet to a satellite and space mission program, as well as sending man into earth orbit as a whole. You name it.

When will the IRAN's indigenous advanced Qaher-313 fighter jet come into a real full action? It's only time, the most mattered.

Anonymous said...

No mat,it just reveals that Iran's aircraft are flying museum pieces.

Anonymous said...

I personally think that beyond aircraft age and sophistication it is also the training under realistic circumstances and thus the flying hours that count. Nothing really known about it. So - I think the planes on display represent just Irans agressor-force. The real IRIAF is hidden like
- the hidden imam
- the hidden honour and seriousity of the ruling class
- the hidden dignity of Khamenei
- the hidden human rights
- the hidden justice
- the hidden free press
- the hidden freedom of the Iranian people and so on....

Anonymous said...

And not to forget the hidden foreign multiple bank accounts.

Anonymous said...

The photo with the caption "Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29B (9-12B) from the 11th Tactical Fighter Squadron. Note falcon emblem on vertical stabilizer." actually shows a MiG-29A.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't laugh just yet, considering the yanks also use a blue, camouflage uniform and even named one of their naval ships "USS Ponce"!

Anonymous said...

Does Scranton have roads? Or is it just for the clowns of The Office. Like most other American clowns, for example yourself.

Anonymous said...

How would you know? Are you an aviation expert?

B.M.A said...

TOO bad coming from a person of your standing!!-a sorry sign that wisdom is quickly drying up in your head!.

B.M.A said...

add this one -THE HIDDEN IDIOCY in you!!.

Anonymous said...

It is possible to know because it is public knowledge in serious, military aviation literature that Iran both bought and received from Iraq in 1991, MiG-29As and MiG-29UBs. MiG-29As are single seat variants and MiG-29UBs are two seat variants. The photo in question shows a single seat variant.

Anonymous said...

Yossarian's comment is particularly hypocritical and funny if you know the English meaning (used in England and the rest of the UK) of the word "ponce"!

Anonymous said...

ok, here are a few more (glad you asked for it so politely):

- the hidden cultural heritage of Persia, replaced by the ambigious values
of yet another useless revolution,
- the hidden free elections,
- the hidden rapes and murders in Kahrizak, commited by those who claim to
be guardians, but are nothing else but a vulgar brawl of muslimic mafiosi,
deprived of their decency, however their names be well known
- the hidden gallows all along the pahlavi road aka vali asr - they will
become visible earlier than you may think, nicely decorated by former
greedy and ruthless clergymen
- the hidden political prisoners in Evin and Qasvin and elsewhere, their
guards names also well known, their blood and ailing crying out to our God

Anonymous said...

Iran has made several further clandestine MIG-29 purchases as well from the ex-Soviet bloc. It may be good reading to check out ex-CIA analyst Robert Baer's dated, but largely factual book "Dealing with the New Iranian Superpower" for a more in depth look at Iran's power and ability to buy weapons systems. Cash talks.

Anonymous said...

Which variants did those clandestine MIG-29 purchases involve? More of the same (MiG-29As & MiG-29UBS) or others?

Anonymous said...

How many 50 year old U-2's do you still have?

porjose11 said...

hola buenas fotos, quisiera ver los comentarios en español

Anonymous said...

Please comment in English.