Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Recent pics: Qom monorail rapid transit, under construction

Monorail pylons rising before the shrines and mosques of Qom. Note the unrelated construction in the background, including use of a tower crane and scaffolding.

December 16, 2012 (Persian date Azar 26, 1391), the first Alweg-type beams arrive on site

Smart looking construction workers hoisting beams by means of truck-mounted hydraulic crane and crawlers.

Construction workers stand ready for one of the first beams to fit atop pylon

Alweg-type beam being hoisted by crawler cranes

Dignitaries and guests witness the first beams going up, including the Mayor of Qom and city council members

Monorail track alignment being expedited with expected completion of first phase within a few months

Steel form in place for top-filled concrete pour

Qom Monorail is being built under joint venture of Iranian firms MAPNA Group and Kayson Company.
Note pick-carry telescopic mobile crane hoisting form.

Workers on scaffolding prepare pylon rebar for the next concrete pour

Side view of two-section support where combined pre-stressed monorail track sections will connect

Below: Wide-angle imagery of the Qom monorail project, under construction

Map depicting projected route of the Qom monorail

Photos and general text courtesy Qom Monorail


Gifted one said...

thanks for the great photos Mark, a rare and valuable break from the narrative about Iran. the fact that these photos drive the anti-Iran crowd nuts demonstrates their utility.

Anonymous said...

Excellence in the making. Much appreciated by all of us, Mark.

Anonymous said...

I am back from tehran last week
after about 4 years absence I visit iran agian
you can not recognize the tehran again
new roads, new buildings,...
a very dynamic society.
the people who talk about "crippling Sanctions" were never beein im iran

Anonymous said...

Shah did it! -Ironie end ;-)

Anonymous said...

Those would be the same folks lying about sanctions killing little Iranian hemophiliac kids and causing sick old Iranian hajjaghas and hajjkhanoms to die due to chemotherapy shortages. Unless you want to claim that the IRI is progressing in every category except for manufacturing lifesaving pharmaceuticals?

Anonymous said...

the photos drive no one nuts. they merely bore through their banality.

Anonymous said...

The most dumbest decision made was to build this ugly Monorail.It would have been a far better idea to build a tram system instead.