Sunday, March 3, 2013

Khorramshahr-Andimeshk infrastructure construction

Highway upgrades applied in advance of a nearby sports stadium being built in Khuzestan province. Photos posted within the past 45 days.

Khorramshahr-Andimeshk highway expansion and upgrade project

Kianshahr bridge construction employing a 10x4 cement mixer truck

Older Mercedes-Benz L-series truck equipped with crane employed in hoisting duties

Reinforced concrete grid system in place

Iranian construction worker pouring concrete


Anonymous said...

Black Hole projects by the IRGC to launder money with and fill up their secret bank accounts.

Anonymous said...

A great infrastructure project and you losers will see more as Iranian economy opens up as the sanctions are now gradually disappearing. Iran Payendebad and thanks to Mark for these great posts. Keep em rolling as they make the enemies of Iran cringe.

Anonymous said...

vitally important that there be a post about a highway upgrade!!!!!!

it's not at spam put up by an increasingly bizarre and desperate and neurotic propagandist.

I look forward to future posts from Pyruz extolling advances in Iran's increasing use of indoor bathrooms and the latest in Basij baton designs.

Anonymous said...

You believe that nonsense that foreign minister has been spouting?
The sanctions wont be lifted and wont be "disappearing" until the regime stops its enrichment program and worst of all renounce their policy of the destruction of Israel.
The enemies of Iran are the ones that are stealing,raping and killing the people of the country,namely the Fascist Islamist Theocracy and their pathetic minions.