Saturday, January 14, 2012

Open Letter By Former IRGC Commander Draws Attacks, Demonstrations

Iran’s Gen. Hossein Alaie, the retired founder and former commander of IRGC naval forces (IRGCN) and former chairman of IRGC general staff during the 8-year Iran-Iraq war, on Monday wrote an editorial in Ettelaat, one of the country’s leading newspapers, criticizing the regime’s heavy-handed oppression of the opposition forces and comparing the tactics used to those employed by the security forces of the Shah’s regime. Today, hundreds of supporters of the current regime have surrounded the general’s house, chanting slogans against him.

The anti-Alaie demonstrations started when the semi-official Fars News Agency published an open letter by twelve former and current IRGC general officers, harshly attacking their former comrade of propagating insults against the country’s supreme leader.

In his column, remembering the popular uprising in the city of Qom in January 1978, Brig. Gen. Alaie cautioned the Islamic Republic leadership to open dialogue with the members of opposition, many of whom are imprisoned with their leaders under house arrest.

“If the former ruler of Iran has listened to the requests of the people and had opened a dialogue with them, instead of leaving the country a year later, he could stay in power,” wrote Alaie.
“The wrongful behavior of the Shah’s security forces had amplified the people’s dissatisfaction with the monarchy… (and) as the number of people killed on the streets, imprisonments and political prisoners rose, the Shah’s regime essentially lost its grandeur and power as well,” he added [Ettelaat, 9 January].

“If instead of accusing the people of being provoked by foreign powers (Shah) had refrained from insulting their collective intelligence, would (he) still have been forced to seek sanctuary abroad?” Alaei wrote. “If instead of accusing opponents of acting against national security (the Shah) had accepted the opposition, recognized it as legal and guaranteed their rights, could (he) not have stayed in power longer?”


Anonymous said...

diversion of attention from the assassination

Unknown said...

The occasional public dissent in Iran is as managed as professional wrestling in the USA. The scenario is fake and oredetermined, but the hits are half real to keep the audience interested.

Anonymous said...

What bizarre timing. Domestic politics is the least of Iran's concerns right now.

I wonder who orchestrated this.

Anonymous said...

You cannot compare any regime to the present one.
The current regime is the most dumbfounding barbaric theocracy in the history of Iran even more so than the mongols.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:40 PM

In fact domestic politics should be the priority in Iran.
It's because of domestic politics that Iran has become sick and needs treatment by removing the sickness.

Anonymous said...

Good for him to speak the truth, he is only saying what most feel in Iran including those in the military.

Anonymous said...

The "revolution" is eating up its own children!

Stranger said...

the shah shot thousands of people and called in the army,

there's no comparison of course

problem is to police the rouge basij and vigilantes that support the government which iran needs to sort out and some police forces in there treatment of prisoners

this opposition made up of elitist Iranians from a the upper class and some middle class with western mentality of course is also tainted with foreign spies and those working for foreign interests there to cause trouble

Anonymous said...

@ anon 4:52
Explain in what the mongols were a theocracy. speaking in such a way as you do(without any nuance and carelessly) just ridicules well-founded critics and concerns... do your side (as you clearly do not seem to analyse anything but have a predetermined agenda on every subject) and keep quiet.

Anonymous said...

Interesting reading the usual diatribes against Iran. After spending over a month in Iran recently from Dezful to Tabriz, it is quite apparent that the delusions of the anti-Iran elements in the west and the hasbara bloggers are now totally out of whack.

Iran is coping quite well with all the "pressures" by the US thuggish and increasingly desperate attempts and the Zionist psy-war. These comments by a "former" (You are always a member of Sepah once you join) commander shows the confidence and plurality of political thinking. If one bothers to read the local Farsi media, the foreign based delusional set may be "astonished" to read the diversity of opinions in the Islamic Republic. At least US "homeland insecurity" is not monitoring the journalists in Iran.

In reality, the recent increased terror against Iran has in reality brought more support for the regime both internally and externally. It may help to read the recent statements by Russia, China, India and the vast majority of nations rejecting US economic pressure. Interestingly, while this "economic pressure" is being applied, Iran opened the Middle-East's largest steel ingot plant while I was there, So there.

Anonymous said...

The American view of democracy is as follows:

If the person we like wins, then it was a fair vote regardless of what actually happened. See e.g. the Ukraine in the mid 2000s.

If the person we dislike wins, then the vote was rigged and the people should riot in the streets, see Iran or Russia's recent elections.

In our country, no protests or rioting are allowed in any way or they will be met with brutal force. See OWS, Univ. California protests . . .

The United States is sadly becoming a completely morally bankrupt country under the tutelage of zionists. Our only hope is for Ron Paul to win and put these people in their place, and restore American integrity.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:13 PM

Dreaming is dreaming and dreaming is for dreamers and dreamers dream and dream all day and night in a state of dreaming that is until reality wakes the dreamers from dreaming then they discover they were only dreaming.
Wake up you poor soul !

Anonymous said...

"The shah shot thousands of people and called in the army,

there is no comparison of course"

You really believe your own nonsense propaganda.

If the Shah as you claim shot "thousands of people" then why didn't he remain in power like Mr Khamenei smarty pants?
You claim there are "basij rogues"in the regime and need to be replaced.
Replaced by whom?
More basij rogues because the regime is a desperate "rogue" itself it can only hire like minded and desperate "rogues" for itself.
This terrorist fascist theocracy has murdered over a million Iranians go and see the graves and the dates on those graves. Then you will see who murdered the thousands. The Shah who ordered his Generals not to allow a drop of Iranian blood to be spilled or Mr Khamenei who ordered the basij and IRGC to put down the uprising of 2009 at any cost and also warned the people that it won't be the responsibility of the authorities if they are shot dead by the security forces!!
You people have an agenda to spread your lies but only people like you believe the rubbish you write but fortunately Iranian people don't believe those stories anymore by the akhoonds and their puppets.

Nader Uskowi said...

Anon 8:13 PM,

It’s great that you spend a month in Tabriz and Dezful. Based on this experience, your observation is that the general’s letter represents “confidence and plurality of political thinking.” Them why should so many tugs surround his house and threaten him? He has done nothing but to express his concern about the political developments in Iran. Why should that be a concern in a society characterized by “plurality of political thinking”? Why should twelve former and current IRGC commanders accuse him of insulting the supreme leader? Plurality of political thinking?

Steve said...

In a moment of highest tensions, amidst new US sanctions and threats against Iran, it is impossible to call for a more individualist and pluralistic society.
General Hossein Alaie is mad, if he isn't able to anticipate how perilous such a call could be to the unity and will to defense of the Iranian nation.

Nader Uskowi said...


A move toward a more pluralistic society, inclusion versus exclusion, would indeed advances the cause of national unity. The regime would be mad to divide the people and suppress any opposing voice, creating even a smaller circle of “trusted” folks (“khodies”) around the rulers, at a time of national crisis.

Anonymous said...

US/UK/Israel are still terrorists and assassins. Starting with Neda and ending with these scientists.

All with the help of MKO and Royalist cowards.

Anonymous said...

"US/UK/Israel are still terrorists and assassins.Starting with Neda and ending with these scientists."

"All with the help of MKO and Royalist cowards."

You should stop telling lies and wash your mouth before you mention Neda's name.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:30 PM

Neda aside, I agree with Anon 4:02 PM.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:43 PM......I totally agree with Anon 4:30 PM

Not only is he right but I'll add a few things more to it.
The joker who said that Neda was killed by MKO and Royalist is a paid regime stooge and bad liar.
The regime consists of thieves liars rapists and murderers.
All of them share one thing in common they are all hopeless cowards and traitors.
Traitors to the Iranian nation traitors amongst themselves.
They are also the biggest cowards because they have proven this many times when they attack and kill innocent demonstrators in the streets.They harass and arrest women for walking down the street because in their twisted and perverted dirty sick minds they assume they are inappropriately dressed.
Yes you put Neda aside and come to think of it put the Iranian nation aside just because you agree with a blood soaked regime and their paid stooges.
Proves what sort of person you are,enough said.

Anonymous said...

What Neda is concerened. New films have shown a woman shooting Neda mistakenly through her handbag (aiming a Basiji in the background leaning against the wall)

then walking calmely off the scene as others ran towards Neda.

Film was found having been shot by some guy on a roof top above the scene of crime.

its on you tube. (bet you wont publish this)lol

Anonymous said...

here is the part/ its only about 3 minutes so let it run and don't lose patience. Try controling your prejudical self and watch.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:43 and 8:56 AM

You should be ashamed of your self for using Neda's good name as a political football knowing full well that the dirty occupying regime was responsible for her murder.
But don't worry that dirty basij thug who murdered Neda will be put to justice same goes for the other traitors to Iran.

Anonymous said...

Mr or Mrs anon 11.04 am
with what you write and how you write it is obvious you have NOT what we call a Nobel Soul.
We all cried for her but who murdered that poor girl was 100% not Irans security forces.
It was a plot and anyone with a Noble Soul would agree and accept and not climb on the back of that poor girl to make its political statement.

God Bless Iran and all Iranian patriots.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:57 AM

Why don't you go and ask the three million people who came out in the streets of Tehran to demonstrate against the occupying fascist Islamist regime who killed her?
The noble people of Iran or some brainwashed basij scum who will meet his justice very soon.
Your job is quiet obvious to promote regime lies and make out Neda and the others were killed by the CIA MI6 MOSSAD BBC CNN VOA pathetic excuses knowing full well that the real culprit is none other than the Islamic fascist theocracy behind her murder.
You are disturbing her soul with your lies and her soul will come upon you if you continue with your lies so let that be a warning not to lie behind the martyrs of Iranian freedom against the dirty fascist occupying regime in our beloved Iran.
You wouldn't no the meaning of patriot if it landed on your head nether does the regime you adhere to so much.

Anonymous said...

1:51 PM

3 Million if true are hardley 4 districts of upper north east Tehran.

Tehran is a 14 Million city and I prefer to ask the majority.

No please stop hiding your anti Iranianism behind Irans martyr whom your masters murdered.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:57 AM......Tell me Mr mullah lover is your soul noble?
I agree with 11:04 AM that Neda was killed by a lowly basij and you represent a typical mullah lover who is ready to lie for their Bimar-e Ravani masters and receive a orange juice and sandwich.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.57 here
Dear Mr or Mrs 1.51

The question is not if I adhere or support them or anyone else.
The answer is that you and the yours are so detested because of your blind pro westernism.(not just by me and the mine)

God Bless Iran and all its patriots who stand by their country regardless of politics.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:18 PM

"The answer is that you and yours is so detested blah blah blah......."

Who do you think your kidding ?
Do you think all Iranians are as gullible as you ?
There are over 8 million Iranians who have left the country. All because of the detested Islamic fascist theocracy and if the other 80 per cent could get away from this parasitic regime they would.

You and your kind represent a dying and ignorant backward culture which is sliding into the abyss and never to show its ugly face again.

God bless the majority of Iranians who know their real enemy is the mullahs and their minions and they are praying for that soon to come day when they can lay their hands on the enemies of Iran Zamin the occupying Islamic fascists in our beloved Iran.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:01 PM
The regime bust its ass to drag out 150 thousand people into the streets by bribing them with Sandist hence the meaning Sandist khor was born.
Not only that but most had to be bused into Tehran for that pathetic stunt on state TV.
Greater Tehran has 14 million. Tehran itself is nearly 8 million people so 3 to 4 million is not bad against a regime that shoots to kill people.
Now go and pull the other one and tell your lies to the foreigners who know nothing about Iran a bit like you.

Anonymous said...

Last anon

you are a bitter,frustrated anti Iran person.
I can not believe the level of ignorance lool
Do people really buy what you give from yourself ?? ( I mean apart from your other slves MAK !)

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:01 PM.......I agree with 7:00PM.
The regime did bring people from the country side by bus to fill up the streets with hundred fifty thousand people and call it a million.
The regime are such liars !!
And liars get caught out.

Anonymous said...

"you are a bitter, frustrated anti Iran person."

Not as bitter or frustrated as an anti Iranian mullah boy such as you.
You and the regime that you worship is the final word in ignorance period.
I don't need to tell Iranians anything they can see for themselves what a bunch of liars thieves murderers and charlatans the theocracy represents.