Thursday, January 5, 2012

Velayat-90 Military Maneuvers (6)

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Sailors equipped with Iranian made G3 battle rifles

IRINS Gorz (PGGF 228) Kaman (Combattante II) class fast attack craft-missile

Foreground: Hendijan class tender (PBO 1410)

Bayandor (PF 103) class corvette

IRINS Larak (LSLH 512) Hengam class landing ship

IRINS Jamaran (FFGH 76) Moudge class light frigate
with IRINA Agusta AB-212ASW helicopter

Background: Alvand (Vosper Mk 5) class light frigate (FFG)

Ghadir class coastal submarine (SSC)

IRINS Kharg (AORH 431) Kharg class replenishment ship

Background: Delvar class support ship

IRINS Bandar Abbas (AORLH 421) Bandar Abbas class fleet supply ship

Yunes (Kilo/Project 877) class (SSK) diesel-electric submarine

IRINS Jamaran followed by two Alvand class light frigates

Background: IRINS Azadi (PB 202) Kaivan class large patrol boat

Regional foreign military observers, left to right: Syrian brigadier general and commodore

Photos: Hamed Jafarnejad at Fars News Agency


TLAM Strike said...

4th image down is a Parvin PGM-9 class patrol boat not a Bayandor corvette. ;)

If your interested I posted a bunch of screen captures of the interior of the Ghadir and some analysis of what they show on my blog:

Anonymous said...

should the Somali pirates attack Iran, they will be fought to a standstill!

Anonymous said...

These maneuvers are a sign of desperation by a regime that is scared of its own shadow.How are they going to fight America when the regime is scared of its own people?
The Iranian people want to see the destruction of this cursed regime.

Iran is to lunch halal internet soon which conforms to Islamic values. Yeah right.
Every Iranian who visits a internet coffee shop will have to show ID and give address.
This shows how paranoid this regime is because it's even scared of its own shadow how pathetic.
Smart ass regime supporters look how "democratic" Iran is and weep.

Anonymous said...

Anon January 5, 2012 7:32 PM

Iran's living gods are afraid of their own people!

Iran Announces New Restrictions For Internet Cafes

Anonymous said...

The Iran regime is slowly creating its own suicide. Its only hope is a nuclear bomb to use for blackmail against the world. Are the Iranian people so brainwashed as to not be able to see the truth or stand up against evil? God help the Iranian people because they are the ones who will suffer the most.

mat said...


mat said...

What the U.S.'s [an unofficial slave to its master, the Zionist Regime of Israel (ZRI)] 33 long boring and wasting years of talking, planning, dreaming and fantasizing of striking, attacking and even invading the mighty Islamic Republic of Iran (mIRI) since the 1979's Islamic Revolution. What else could the world's warmongers afford to do instead of spying, imposing sanctions and the non-stop barking (sorry for mentioning that) against the mIRI!
The U.S., along with its lackey Allies ( the U.N., the West, the Zionist and with the full supports of those cowardly and puppets of some Middle Eastern nations), could simply and easily attack and invade those weak, helpless and defenceless nations such as Afghanistan and Iraq in 2001 and 2003, respectively, within short period of times and with lots of fun. Wow and well done!
But, when it comes to striking or attacking or even invading the mIRI, it will definitely comes to a halt. Why? mIRI is a superpower and the most powerful nation in the whole region of the Middle East as confirmly stated by the former Commander of the U.S. Central Command of the Middle East, Army Gen. John Philip Abizaid, and by the famous former U.S. CIA's Middle East Specialist Agent, Robert Baer, and also by the former U.S. Navy and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, some times ago. The U.S.'s Pentagon does really concerned on the matter.
The Zionist Regime of Israel (ZRI-the U.S.'s master), too, could simply and easily strike those Iraqi's suspected nuclear reactors in 1981 and later, Syria's, twenty-six years after the first strike, in 2007, without any military response or retaliation from both nations against those ZRI's fighter-jets. What a simple mission! Bravo and congratulation!
The ZRI, when it comes to striking any of Iran's peaceful nuclear energy installations, the ZRI, too, will absolutely comes to an immediate halt. Also, why? The biggest of all the reasons is, the ZRI is just a very tiny little state compared to a far much stronger, greater, powerful and larger mIRI. So, what else could the ZRI afford to do instead of merely launching the non-stop empty drumbeat of war threats against the mIRI, years after years.
Could one imagine the ZRI without the hughly U.S.'s strong supports and back ups and along without its possession of quite a great number of suspected nuclear arsenals which is estimatedly said to be around 250-300 units? Of course, the ZRI is ultimately and completely nothing and no match even the least to the mIRI. The ZRI is actually very lack of potential or has no potential or with the possibilities of having no guts of launching a strike against the mIRI's. The ZRI's humiliated defeat to a small unit of Hezbollah Army in the 33-day's ZRI-imposed war on Lebanon in 2006 is one of those indications.
Up to date, the mIRI has 3 U.S. and 4 ZRI's (that make 7 of them) advanced, fool playing tools of spy drones in its possession which will be displayed and made public soon. It is extremely wrong for those people out there especially who without the knowledges of military hardwares to overestimate or underestimate the true strength of both the U.S. or the mIRI's military capabilities.
If the mIRI is not that strong enough, the U.S., along with its lackey Allies and with under full command of its master, the ZRI, would have already attack and at once invade the whole nation of the mIRI long ago, absolutely. And no one really knows what the mIRI does actually have and so does the Pentagon. One could comment whatever he or she likes but the truth is out there.
Note : Iran now is totally and fully different, militarily, to Iran of 33 years back.
(Sorry if my English writings are not good enough or do not fit you well)

Anonymous said...

Hi mat/BB, January 6, 2012 1:27 PM

Do you have any opinion on the new weapons testing taking place in the Negev over the last 90 days?

What do you think about the wests
countermeasure ships/aircraft very recent movements in the persian gulf?

How come we did not attack the USA navy ships that entered the persian gulf today? Are we only going to sink the aircraft carriers?

Thanks for your inputs BB!

Anonymous said...


The Iranian military is weaker than over 33 years ago because most of the equipment like air force is over 35 years old.The tanks are over 40 years old and the T72 tanks are rubbish.So are the three rusty soviet submarines and the Korean made junk.All Iran has now are the ballistic missiles and the US has more and far superior missiles than Iran would ever posses.As for the anti ship missiles the US has more and better versions as well as total air superiority added with spy satellites which keeps an eye on Iran for 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
The US nuclear submarines with their cruise and ballistic missiles and aircraft carriers are always on standby no matter what happens in Washington because it is in their interest to do so.
Good luck mat with your wishful thoughts regarding Islamic regime because you are really ill informed regarding Iran's over inflated military capabilities.

mat said...

What 33 damned years of BARKING!

Anonymous said...


You can't answer logically so you type these silly barking messages just goes to show that I am right.