Saturday, January 7, 2012

IRGC Conducts Military Drills Near Afghan Border

Commander of IRGC Ground Forces Brig. Gen. Mohammad Pakpour said in Tehran that the Corps has started military drills codenamed “Shohaday-e Vahdat” (Martyrs of Unity) in eastern Khaf area near the Afghan border. Gen. Pakpour added that the exercise was to strengthen the combat readiness of the IRGC Ground Forces in the area.

“Transferring the experiences of the Sacred Defense [Iran's eight-year war with Iraq] to the new generation and young officers and practicing tactical strategies of [the IRGC] ground forces in various combat sections of asymmetrical warfare are among goals of the Shohaday-e Vahdat drills,” Gen. Pakpour said [Fars New Agency, 7 January.]


mat said...

It is apparent that Washington and Tehran are at crossed swords now and one cannot recall a time when Tehran was so boldly defiant in the face of the US cudgel-brandishing policies.

However, it seems that Washington has never before relieved itself on solid ground. Iran is not Afghanistan; nor is it Iraq. Iran is a country with a super powerful military, many aspects of which are not yet known to Washington. So, the US hawks had better think twice before putting their diabolically expansionist plans into practice or else they will soon realize on what miscalculated, misguided, and misinterpreted grounds they had built their presumptions about Iran.

-- Dr. Ismail Salami is an Iranian writer, Middle East expert, Iranologist and lexicographer. He writes extensively on the US and Middle East issues and his articles have been translated into a number of languages.

Anonymous said...

Transferring the suicidal tactics of WW1 to the younger generation.
What next plastic keys from China.

Anonymous said...

yeah, mat, sure...... Iran's military has super powers...and secret ones....

keep rubbing the lamp until the genie pops out.

Dr. Grzlickson said...

"Iran is not Afghanistan; nor is it Iraq."

Iran's best comp is Iraq before Desert storm.

"Iran is a country with a super powerful military."

No it isn't. What is with the commenters here?

Anonymous said...

As Imam Hussein use to say, America can't do a damn thing!!

They'll bark and bark and bark till they go blue in the face..Iran won't bow to them..They should pick on other weak Arab countries..Not Iran.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of what you said... yet the states have been admitted ennemies of iran since the islamic revolution. which means they have been thinking of it more then twice. I'll agree that iran will probably be the victor of any confrontation, simply because amercians have to much faith in their military prowess(as proven by most anti-regime comments on this blog, who seem to believe the us will destroy all of iran's navy without loosing a single ship(B***SH*T)). But let's not forget the incredible price Iranian's paid for the imposed war and how this sacrifice most probably would be greater against a stronger enemy.

Conducting wargames is essential for any country who wishes for independance, yet the way iran turns these in political tools is somewhat counter-productive and dangerous.
@Dr. whatever
Your simply stupid not to admit Iran's strenght. Iran's leader are presently hoping that american leaders are as dumb... and you are the exact reason why Iran's regime will be strenghten by a confrontation.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:37 PM

You agree with mat but remember that two wrongs don't make a right.
You honestly believe that three rusty old ex soviet submarines and a few north Korean subs plus a few ships and missile carrying boats will be able to stop a 21st century armada determined to keep the straits open at all costs?
You also think that the IRIAF could challenge the US naval air arm?
Do do you think that Iran only posses ballistic and cruise missiles but not the US or UK?
They not only have all those weapons but far more superior ones to what Iran has.
So if you can't rely on weapons what do you suggest? A human wave attack with RPGs because they will be blown out of the water before they even see the ships.
If you think because someone speaks the facts and it offends you then you claim wild assumptions about the capabilities of the Iranian and IRGC navies just shows you have been misinformed by the Islamic regime.
Do yourself a favor and read some naval books.

Anonymous said...

the tention in persian gulf is today base of whom is right for predominant in this region whom should control this area for them interest whom should leave that region by force or by political mean for last 33 years iran has defensive roll in this region this years will be change to ofensive level and west plus USA face more cockymood what to do with this level of confrontation over sudden in few week change the midleast country it doenot matter whom would be the winner of war it is matter whom would be force to leave that region in this year or next if usa leave the region the green buk would be crash the political more of usa such as obama would be damanished for ever if inter in war intire eu would be face bankrupcy what is solution for it (just leave dammage is minimume)before iran force you to leave.

Dr. Grzlickson said...

I apologize for thinking this is a serious site for defense discussion. I'll leave you all to your fantasies of a mighty Iranian superpower standing up to blah blah blah. You will be in for a reality check should it come to hostilities.

Anonymous said...


I know exactly what you mean.Unfortunately this site has been taken over by non Iranian Islamic fanatics and the usual regime agents with their stupid propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Dr G~~~~ it's oddly fascinating to read the comments from the crazies who advance the fantastic notion that Iran has great military power and haven't an understanding that Iran's navy and air force is tiny and without a ship or airplane that's not 30 years or more out of date.

Are these people unable to read freely through the internet or are they willing promoters of absurd iranian propaganda.

mat said...

Sooner or later, those Zionist's slaves will ultimately get the real true tastes of wines and champagnes.

Anonymous said...

mat......Dreaming is for dreamers and dreamers dream all day because the dreamers refuse to stop dreaming and dreaming the dream is only done in the land of nod.

mat said...

'I have a dream' is an evergreen and one of my most favourite songs, sung by the most popular swedish pop group in Europe in mid 70's. The song has been recorded in english and swedish versions.

mat said...

Seven reasons not to bomb Iran

An American defense analyst has outlined several reasons why the US administration should not become involved in military confrontation with Iran.

Adam Lowther, a member of the faculty at the US Air Force's Air University, called on US politicians to consider options before deciding on a military attack against Iran.

1. Iran possesses what is likely the most capable military the US has faced in decades.

Lowther explained that Iran is not like Grenada, Panama, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Serbia, Afghanistan or Iraq that the US invaded, adding that in all of these examples, the US military defeated an adversary incapable of competing with the US.

He also noted that the Iranian military is far more competent and capable and after watching the war in Iraq for a decade has a good understanding of US tactics and strategy.

The analyst said Iran's Navy is skilled in littoral combat and may be capable of closing the Strait of Hormuz for sufficient duration to wreak economic havoc. The recent naval exercises by the Iranian navy illustrate a clear strategy that would seek to close the strait while attempting to sink American combat vessels that enter the area. This would result in a significant loss of commercial shipping and cause the price of oil to skyrocket.

2. Unlike Iraq, Iran's Army and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps will not lay down their arms at the first sight of US ground troops.

Lowther said that Iranian military forces watched Afghanistan and Iraq for lessons on how to defeat the Americans.

3. The Iranian Intelligence Ministry is among the most competent in the world.

According to the writer, the ministry has successfully hunted down anti-Iran elements over the past thirty years.

4. Lebanese resistance movement of Hezbollah can help Iran in a possible US war on Iran.

The defense analyst stated that should the US military attack Iran, Hezbollah, with three decades of experience fighting the Israelis, is likely to launch a series of counter-attacks.

5. Iran's cyber capabilities are impressive and growing.

Lowther wrote that an attack on Iran's nuclear infrastructure is likely to prompt a sustained cyber-attack unlike any we have seen. It will likely target critical data in the public and private sector and seek to wreak havoc, shut down systems, and destroy data.

6. The US military deserves a rest from war after a decade of intense combat operations.

Lowther reminded that how wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have taken their toll on American soldiers, their families, and the equipment they rely on.

7. A "limited attack" on Iran will likely escalate into a wider war, making it difficult for the US military to rest and refit.

The expert said even a focused strike against Iran's nuclear facilities will elicit a response well beyond "limited" US objectives.

The author in the end once again urged the US government to weigh all options before resorting to military conflict against Iran.

Anonymous said...

mat / BB,

You sound quite shaky.....are you ok?


Anonymous said...

There will no ground war between Iran and the US period.

But the naval war will be mostly conducted by air strikes and air superiority with submarine launched cruise and ballistic missiles.
The US/UK navies won't be loitering in the narrow straights so that they would be fired on. But mostly loitering in the Arabian sea or Indian ocean with their aircraft carriers and nuclear subs so that they could bottle in the Iranian & IRGC navies inside the straights ready for their suppression.
Now I know of some stupid people who claim that Islamic regime can defeat the US/UK forces in the Persian gulf straights but I say to them that the US/UK navies won't be in the straights because they are not as daft as the morons that claim that Iran could defeat the West.Now lets see who does the barking a moron that thinks Iran has a mighty military or the only superpower on this earth.

mat said...

This word should be spelled in the opposite way :


Anonymous said...

How comes turkey stop and take our weapons from syria

Arian said...

Anon 10:30 AM

You seem to have forgotten that the US 5th fleet is just on the other side of Persian gulf from Iran. By your logic, they'll have to move outside of PG ( through the straits ) so they can conduct combat operations from a safe distance. This will not go unnoticed by the Iranians and might prompt them to do preemptive strikes against the fleet. Now, do you see the problem with your "plan"?