Saturday, January 28, 2012

Arab Foreign Ministers in Turkey

Top of Agenda: Continued Supply of Oil to Turkey

Foreign ministers of six Arab states of the Persian Gulf are attending the Fourth Ministerial Meeting of Turkey-Gulf Cooperation Council in Istanbul on Saturday. The meeting’s agenda is to explore ways to maintain the supply of oil to Turkey in the event of the disruption of Iran’s oil exports. The situation in Syria is also expected to be discussed during the meeting.


Anonymous said...

Iranian oil to Turkey will cease in the near future or perhaps to a mere trickle.
Syria also will be free from the Assad regime resulting to a possible trimming down and disarming of Hezbollah in Lebanon and going back to normal civilian life.
As for the theocracy in Tehran their cause celebs will be no longer in those countries therefore leading to their eventual downfall and elimination from the pages of history.
This is the fate of this ill mannered and unrefined theocracy.

This no dream but a nightmare for all others who think otherwise.Let this be a warning.

Anonymous said...

Syria will be joining the Arab fold soon LooooL !!!!