Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Japan to Reduce Imports of Iranian Oil

Japanese Finance Minister Jun Azumi announced today that Japan will start to reduce oil imports from Iran in support of the new US sanctions. Azumi made the comments after a meeting with visiting US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

“(Iran's) nuclear development problem can't be ignored by the world, so from that perspective we understand the US actions,” Azumi told a press conference after the meeting with Geithner [AP, 12 January].

Japan now imports about 10 percent of its oil from Iran, and the country has been steadily reducing its reliance on Iranian oil over the last five years.

“We plan to start reducing this 10 percent share as soon as possible,” Azumi said.


Kull said...

Servants and lackeys...the japanese should try to grow their national spine back and join with China into challenging the imperialist chokehold on Asia!

Anonymous said...

Kull....I love to know where you live.
Wouldn't be the US by any chance?

Anonymous said...

Japan may be the lackey of America but unfortunately Iran has become the lackey of the Chinese which is far worse.

Anonymous said...

If China and Russia leave Iran, the game is over for Iran.

However, they would have to be crazy to lose an opportunity to make an ally with a country that generally has disfavored them.

Anonymous said...

"Iran has become the lackey of the Chinese"

You can't be a lackey of the Chinese, because they don't seek to order the world around.

Anonymous said...

"Servants and lackeys"

I wouldn't say you're a servant or a lackey of the US if you do what they say. Rather, you're simply choosing them over Iran.

This is what Iranian leaders need to understand - they are a nation of 70 million. The West has billions of people, a lot of money and a lot of other stuff. Iran needs to stop treating this block as completely inconsequential and irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:17 PM

It's not about ordering around. It's about Iran giving away its resources to the Chinese at the lowest bidder in return for Chinese goods flooding the Iranian market destroying our industry and laying off tens of thousands of our workforce.
The Chinese knowing full well that Iran is unable to sell its oil easily for cash is demanding Iran to sell its oil even cheaper so that the Chinese can resell the oil to other countries for a profit.
Every country is benefiting from Iran's incompetent regime.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and of course there is an unlimited supply of oil that can be obtained just by waving a magic wand. Does anyone really think that Japan would be importing as much oil as it does from Iran now if any viable alternatives were available? The problem the West faces is that demand is still rising whereas supply is not, and thus the talk about somehow removing 2.5 million barrels of oil from the market is just that, and it will remain so, despite the frantic delusions of those who have been trying and failing to destroy Iran for the last 33 years. I seem to recall previous sanctions that were also supposed to destroy the Iranian economy. I wonder how those turned out? Oh, that's right they failed, completely and spectacularly.

Anonymous said...

Considering the fact that world demand for oil is projected to increase this year and beyond, Japan's reduction on imports of Iranian oil will be short-lived.

Don't believe me? just you wait and see!

Anonymous said...

Kull- perhaps it would be even better if the people of Iran showed some spine and took the the ugly old mullahs off their backs and necks and tossed them down a well.