Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Iran Military Commander Warns US Carrier Not to Return to Persian Gulf

Latest of Tough Rhetoric Out of Tehran

Commander of Iran's Army Maj. Gen. Ataollah Salehi warned an American aircraft carrier not to return to the Persian Gulf, adding that the warning comes “only once.”

“We recommend to the American warship that passed through the Strait of Hormuz and went to Gulf of Oman not to return to the Persian Gulf,” said Gen. Salehi, referring to the USS John C. Stennis which left the Persian Gulf this week after visiting UAE’s port of Jabal Ali.

“Since we are not in the habit of repeating a warning, we warn only once,” Gen. Salehi added [IRNA, 3 January].

The comments by the commanding general of the country’s regular military, speaking at the end of a 10-day Iranian naval exercise near the Strait of Hormuz, is the latest of tough rhetoric coming out of Tehran over the Strait of Hormuz and the US naval presence in the Persian Gulf.

File Photo: USS John C. Stennis. Reuters


Anonymous said...

It seems the Mullahs are looking for a war. They can not cope with so many different problems at home and abroad and are actively seeking a military confrontation with the west and to use that as an excuse to crack down on the internal opposition.
This regime has always thrived on crisis and oppression.

Anonymous said...

the regime hates Iran; its ready to destroy iran in order to remain in power; khamenai's calculation? its better that i am the leader of a destroyed iran than i am not the leader of prosperous iran ...

Anonymous said...

There will be another US aircraft carrier visiting soon and then we shall see how the commanders warning is so hollow.
This commanders rhetoric is aimed for local consumption.

Anonymous said...

Gen. Salehi,

A BIG mouth don't make a BIG MAN.

Anonymous said...

This comes from Iran's top military person so it's not frivolous, even though it's hard to understand.

Gifted one said...

Enough already with the US trying to strangle Iran. The best defense is a strong offense, and it's about time for Iran to move from a passive, to an active offense. If the US thinks that the world can afford a war in the Persian Gulf now, so be it. But enough already! Time for Iran to start laying down some redlines of its own.

Anonymous said...

Now that the big mouth has opened his foghorn the American carriers will come back to test his theory.

nwospook said...

Gen. Salehi today, like Khruschev in 62' waving his shoe and barking.

The delusional kid patroling the neighborhood with a BB gun, watched through 20X Nightforce on .338

The quasi military cleric regime in Tehran knows well that another revolution is emerging and will take them down... I agree with others here that view Tehran pushing war for regime's domestic control agenda.

Iranian citizens standing idle cannot complain - they did not act to preserve the future of thier children from this authoritarian mullahtocracy.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord what a bunch of cowards are you (some of you commenting)

have you no Iranian honor ??

Die on your feet than live on you knees.. ??.. ever heard of this philosophy ??

What the f... was so complicated about Ashura ??

Stay where you are and try not to help Iran we shall cope alone loool

Good lord.. who are these p... ers

Anonymous said...

@11:49 AM

playing with the future of country is not what is called patriotism - it is quite the opposite; you can have your own personal 'Ashura' if you have a suicidal mindset; but dont drag the country into it ...

Anonymous said...

"have you no Iranian honor"??

Hilarious what do people like you or the mullahs know about Iranian honor.

Anonymous said...

this is right time for iran to strike us and israel they did prepeared for many years for military confrontation as i was looking the way iran commander seems to me way confidence to win this war againest them always they said the best difence is an offince to your enemy iran can not let them slowly like iraq be distroyed in ecconomy pressure or let syria be as USA and UK ground practice for killing every man by forming fake freedom yes i believe this is the end of new begging of iran for strong confrontation to all midleast and the world.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:47 PM

Afarin with your statement your absolutely correct why should Iranians commit suicide for the sake of some mullahs ideology.
Time for them to go back to the mosque and stay out of politics for good.

Ron Paul supporter said...

To anonymous who mentioned Iranian honor, my dear friends , just know that the people who comment here under Iranian names or whatever, are actually not Iranians at all they are all Israeli propaganda agents sitting somewhere in Israel pretending they are Iranians, don't pay any attention to them, consider what they say as to what you leave in toilet.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:21 PM

You don't seem like an Iranian to me. I find it strange that you would wish our country to sacrifice their people so that some twisted foreign Islamist can sit abroad in comfort knowing that a country under the guise of Islam resisted America and lost in your world of glory.
What you need to do is educate yourself then go and help your fellow country men instead of wishing our country to attack the US and Israel so that Iran will be laid in ruins.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul supporter

Are you an Iranian Mr genius because I highly doubt it.It's well known the IRI hires foreign Muslims in their quest to spread propaganda in the name of Islamic ideology.
These agents cannot tolerate the truth so they label every Iranian who is against the corrupt murderous regime as an "Israeli" or "Zionist". This and the brutal anti Iranian theocracy us Iranians know really belongs in the toilet of history.

Anonymous said...

problem with your people do not want to here the true and every dome things will be accepted by you and every true fact of nation will stupid by you please all of you open the eyes and see the word what is really are not what USA and west represented to you wither you like or not is open idea to those have a free mind for iran concern i believ the war must be come to center front once for all to show all for independed nation you can not no longer play you melody and blieve me usa forces commander is much better know in war class military than anyone else in this side whom to play whom not to play with them.USA power full war machine if that nation was week as iraq or any other country would be wanished long ago so that is iran chooce when should start war with tham which would be vary ugly one in the future to come may be next week or next month but this war can not be avoide it.

Anonymous said...

~~~~Die on your feet than live on you knees.. ??.. ever heard of this philosophy ??~~~~

let the flaming Ayatollahs do the dying instead of sending children carrying plastic keys to heaven.

None of this is necessary

Anonymous said...

the 2 or 3 people pretending to be 15 are no Iranian patriots, they are hobby nationalists.
I bet they dont even know the difference. I bet this third comment wont be published either.

just here to say i stop coming to your site and leave this to you 3 and passive readerships who laugh at some of the anti Iran coments.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:54 AM

How do you know it's only 2 or 3 people?
Oh wait a minute the Islamic regime always says that two million people turned up to support them but in reality it was fifty thousand.
And when three million anti IRI people turn up in the streets the regime says twenty thousand.
The mullahs are the biggest traitors to Iran by giving away Iran's oil for peanuts and putting Iran in harms way against the US and NATO knowing full well that Iran will not win the conflict.
Any true Iranian would want prosperity peace and cooperation between nations not war spite hatred poverty and destruction.
You are in the camp of the latter.

Anonymous said...

Go Iran!

Anonymous said...

you are astrotype and repeated the old western story last 32 years ago and has not change it a bit of it for oil concern believe it or not those people of mula you are refered too them will not give a dime to any one even look business with japan they pay 2 dollars more than on market value please be face the reality cheque to day to give away oil just in shah time available to the west not at this time.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon
January 4, 2012 1:45 PM

"Iran will not win the conflict.
Any true Iranian would want prosperity peace and cooperation between nations not war spite hatred poverty and destruction.
You are in the camp of the latter"

prosperity, peace, and cooperaton. Have nothing to do. With the enslavement, Racist policies of the brits and the US.
Iran has Already won the conflict. The U.S. and NATO, would not risk a pitch battle in the open sea and further damage, their already weakened image over the western nations and slave client state economies.

US/Nato, economies are weak bankrupt,and desparate. with no hope of recovery. so stop making such infatile, slave minded comments.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:39 PM

The only slave minded comments are coming from a person that believes that the Islamic theocracy can beat the US in a conflict because the mullahs told him so.
The Iranian rial is worthless and the country is giving away it's oil away for peanuts to China and the economy is collapsing with workers not being paid for months and been laid off.
The only weak desperate and bankrupt country (no thanks to your scummy mullahs)is Iran because of their pathetic and brainless silly little games.

Now go and receive your Sandist.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon
January 4, 2012 11:03 PM

"The Iranian rial is worthless and the country is giving away it's oil away for peanuts to China and the economy is collapsing with workers not being paid for months and been laid off".

So, sounds like greece to me. you gullible Idiot!

Anonymous said...

"So sounds like Greece to me. You gullible idiot"

Such a typical response by a illiterate mullah lover because you know what I said is true.
Greece will be alright the people are free to demonstrate without being deliberately killed by the state police unlike in fascist Islamic Iran where they kill for sport.
Iran is bankrupt with downwardly spiraling economy and a worthless currency with even China cutting back its oil imports from Iran.
You will soon see who the real gullible idiot is.