Sunday, January 15, 2012

Iran Warns Arab Oil Producers on Supporting Sanctions

Iran today warned Arab oil producers of consequences if they support new oil sanctions against Iran. The warning came on a day when the Chinese premier was in Riyadh discussing increased oil imports from Saudi Arabia.

“If (the Arabs) give the green light to replacing Iran's oil, these countries would be the main culprits for whatever happens in the region - including the Strait of Hormuz," warned Mohammad Ali Khatibi, Iran’s Governor at OPEC. “Our Arab neighbor countries should not cooperate with these (US and European) adventurers. These measures will not be perceived as friendly,” he added [Sharq, 15 January].

Premier Wen Jiabao’s visit to Saudi Arabia, which brought out Iran’s warning, was yet another sign of the deepening isolation of Tehran in its dispute with the West.

“China and Saudi Arabia are both in important stages of development and there are broad prospects for enhancing cooperation,” Wen told Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Nayef on Saturday [Xinhua/Reuters, 15 January].

A new US law signed by President Obama on New Year's Eve would freeze out of the US financial system any institution dealing with Iran's central bank - which handles the country’s oil revenues. If and when fully applied, the law would make it impossible for most countries to buy Iranian oil. Leaders from Asian countries that buy the most Iranian oil have begun touring the Middle East to source alternative supplies from Arab producers [Reuters, 15 January].

Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi said yesterday his country was ready and able to meet any increase in demand [Reuters, 15 January].


Anonymous said...

And what can this Islamist fascist regime do against the Arab oil producers without meeting the wrath of the Western powers?
If this fascist theocracy attacks Western navies or attack Arab gulf states it will seal its death sentence not that it hasn't already against the Iranian people.

Bring on the clowns !

Steve said...

The key to understanding: Source is Reuters.
Reuters is a zionist controlled news agency.
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's visit of Saudi Arabia does not signify he will buy Saudi oil instead of Iranian oil, it only means he's trying to get a better price for Iranian oil. Saudi oil cannot replace the Iranian oil in such a short amount of time, as Saudi oil production could not follow such a steep jump in demand.

Anonymous said...

For a country that doesn't like to be told what to do, Iran certainly isn't shy about passing out orders to others.

the dogs running this regime are yipping all the way to the kennel.