Monday, January 23, 2012

Iran Calls EU Oil Embargo “Unfair” and “Ineffective”

Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast called today’s decision by the EU to embargo Iranian oil “unfair,” and “ineffective.”

“The method of threat, pressure and unfair sanctions against a nation that has a strong reason for its approach (is ineffective) and doomed to fail," said Mehmanparast. “The (new EU sanctions) will not prevent Iran from achieving its inalienable right,” he added. [Fars News Agency, 23 January].

Mehmanparast’s comments are so far the first official reaction to EU’s move, and were noticeably subdued. On 27 December, and in response to the impending US sanctions against the Central Bank of Iran, the country’s first vice president, Mohammad Reza Rahimi, had said that if new sanctions caused disruption in the country’s oil exports, Iran would not let a drop of oil pass through the Strait of Hormuz. Mehmanparast did not use such language in response to the direct oil embargo against Iran.

However, a senior member of the Iranian parliament, Majlis, today called for the closure of the Strait if the sale of Iranian oil is disrupted.

“If any disruption happens regarding the sale of Iranian oil, the Strait of Hormuz will definitely be closed,” said Mohammad Kossari, deputy chairman of Majlis's foreign affairs and national security committee [Fars News Agency, 23 January].


Anonymous said...

yes, the sanctions are unfair; but: what is more disturbing is the failure of iranian officials to take the matter nonetheless seriously; their unseriousness has become part of their miscalculation; now lets hope they understand to take the issue more seriously

Anonymous said...

Let this be a lesson to all those Tehranis who kiss up to the West. The West hates Iranians, and does not want Iran to advance into a first world country in technologically.

Anonymous said...

"iranian officials to take the matter nonetheless seriously"

Iran, after listening to its people, has said repeatedly that it will never give up nuclear technology which is supported by 75% of Iranians.

This is not the West vs. the Iranian government. It's the west vs. the Iranian nation.

Anonymous said...

Iran's always complaining about something..This sanctions has been a long time coming and any idiot could've seen it coming..Why didn't they do anything about it?

The West doesn't give a damn what Iran thinks..To them, Iran's sitting on vast reserves of oil/gas they believe belongs to them...The nuclear issue is just a charade.

Can someone please tell the Iranian leaders to start acting and stop whining for once?

Anonymous said...

I guess the mullahs have enough fat on their bodies to survive for a year.
What remains are the poor Iranian people who have to survive on a daily bases.
What this proves is the theocracy is stuck in its own quagmire.Basically damn if you do and damn if you don't.
Their policies will lead to their own ruin despite what others think.

Anonymous said...

How can some people come over here and blame the Iranian government for Iran's economic hardships?

Can't you read? The EU has imposed sanctions on Iran with the intended aim to make live difficult for the average Iranian...Is that hard to comprehend?

I hope all these Shahi stooges will stop gloating over this coz this will affect all Iranians - including those idiots living abroad and edging the West to take these aggressive stand towards their own country.

If a shooting war starts, all Iranians living abroad will be put in camps just like the US did to the Japanese in the US during WW2.

Anonymous said...

hey people the saction has not start yet first starting point is july 1/2012 iran is somehow win the issue to cut iran oil that mean iran cut gulf oil to them it doenot matter in persian gulf be 1 battel carier or 10 battel carrier it is spider net for them to be hunted faster instaid off in open water that why usa was take the c junson out of persian gulf they know that can not do anything their instead to be nock down by iran missile question is in few days or weeks eu and usa actively open iran black mufia market to reduce iran currency and goal inside iran and iraq plus turky to creat high infelation inside country this may be also government created that earleir why should be like that because i do not see such any reason to it export is higher than ever oil sale almost 100 billion dollars non oil to almost 45 or 50 billion goald and dollar reserved is high and why just think of hipper unrealistic infelation to this market and why government dont do it anything to stop it?

Anonymous said...

people keep writing garbage about how Iran can close off the Gulf and then shoot missiles at the US Navy when it goes to re-open it.

Never do they mention what would happen all across Iran immediately after the first missile strikes a USN ship

Anonymous said...

~~~~~~Can't you read? The EU has imposed sanctions on Iran with the intended aim to make live difficult for the average Iranian~~~~~~

No, the intended aim of the sanctions is to pressure Iran into ceasing the nuclear weapons program.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:18 PM

So anybody that is against this bloody fascist Islamic dictatorship is a "Shahi stooge" ?
Then you must be a mullah boy which is far worse.And we know why that is ,don't we?

What ever name you and people like you like to call others the regime is a goner and that's the bottom line.
You people live in a delusional world and it's people like you that will fall the hardest.

mat said...

To all those disbelievers, we don't own the world. It belongs to the ultimate, the 'Al-Mighty'. As philosophies always say, the good one will finally win and instead, the bad one will in the end, lose.

Do fear no enemies and do fully believe in the 'Creator'. It just seems as if the bad is likely to win but as always, the truth will definitely prevail. It is only a matter of time.

mat said...

“Sanctions all too often are a poor alibi for, not a sound supplement to, a good foreign policy,” wrote Ramesh Thakur, an Australian National University professor, on The Australian website.

“They [sanctions] are ineffective, counterproductive, harmful to the economic interests of those imposing sanctions, damaging to relations with allies, morally questionable, yet difficult to lift once imposed,” Thakur stressed.

Not only is it “virtually impossible” to secure universal participation in embargoes, Thakur explained, but it is also “difficult” to police their application in participating countries.

“Iran has progressively shifted its trade patterns from North America and Europe to Asian partners and is now exploring Latin American prospects.”

Thakur further cast light upon the hypocrisy ridden nature of the use of the sanctions as “a tool to be used only by the West against the rest.”

“Not one of the five Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty-licit nuclear powers has been sanctioned for violating Article 6 obligations to eliminate their nuclear weapons. Nor have any of the three belligerent countries for their illegal aggression against Iraq in 2003.”

“Against this formidable list of non-sanctions, dubious sanctions and the failure of sanctions, the list of successful outcomes of sanctions policies is thin and patchy,” Thakur concluded.

Anonymous said...

That's right the truth will prevail and we know who the liars are;don't we mat?