Friday, January 27, 2012

IAEA Inspectors to Arrive in Tehran

A team of IAEA inspectors will arrive in Tehran on Saturday. The director general of IAEA, Yukiya Amano, speaking on the sidelines of Davos world economic forum, on Friday urged Iran to engage constructively with the team. Amano said his organization’s previous efforts to verify whether Iran’s nuclear activities were entirely for non-military purposes have been hampered by “a lack of cooperation” from Iran.

“The high-level team leaves today and starts work tomorrow. We hope they (Iran) will take a constructive approach. We hope that there will be substantial cooperation,” Amano said. “We have information that indicates that Iran has engaged in activities relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive device,” he added [AFP, 27 January].

“We are requesting that Iran clarifies the situation. We proposed to make a mission and they agreed to accept the mission. The preparations have gone well but we need to see what actually happens when the mission arrives,” Amano said.


Anonymous said...

Iran's peaceful nuclear program has been transparent from day one and has been under IAEA supervision. It is only the organ harvesting Zionists that have been barking all along.

It is good to see Iran honoring its nuclear obligations at all levels.

Steve said...

I really hope Iran soon will be in such an advanced stage of nuclearization and with such a overwhelming military power, that nobody dares anymore to threaten, to intimidate and to harass this beautiful, welcoming country with its adorable, generous people.

Anonymous said...

It is the same shet but in differnt days/nothings would be changed in reality the eu want iran to stop his nuclear program but iran said screw you would not a chance therefore just wast of people taxpair money for those fat guys to travel and have good food nice hottel with some bodygard to feelgood about it if i was in iran possition would intirogate them for many month that iaea never ever put them food in this country ever just for lol.

Anonymous said...

According to the latest secret documents released through freedom of information act Khamenei received $900 million from the Carter administration via the CIA back in 1978.This sum of money was transferred to a secret Swiss bank account together with a $250 million donation by Ghadafi to Khamenei.

And before any foolish person claims this is a Zionist plot go and find out about what really happened between 1977-1979 for yourself because the information is clear to see.

Anonymous said...

I found an interesting article about the possibility of Gen. Qassem Suleymani running in the 2013 presidential elections and what this will mean for the IRGC in general , please check it out :

Anonymous said...

transparently fraudulent 12:31

keep a tight grip on your organ and don't drip on your shoes.