Tuesday, January 31, 2012

U.S. Navy Repairs Iranian Ship

Stranded in Persian Gulf

The personnel of U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln, the U.S. aircraft carrier currently positioned in the Persian Gulf, today helped repair a stranded Iranian fishing boat that was carrying nine crewmembers. A U.S. military helicopter stationed on the carrier spotted the boat after its crew sent out a distress call and started waiving a cloth. The U.S. Navy personnel boarded the Iranian dhow and repaired the ship’s overheated engine.

“After ensuring the dhow was operational, and the crew was safe with sufficient amounts of food, water and fuel to continue its transit, the (U.S.) teams departed the scene and returned to their ships," said a statement issued by the U.S. Navy [Reuters, 31 January].


Unknown said...

It must be light a return to the future trip for the us navy every the they hep the Iranian fishing fleet.
Sad but true!

B.M.A said...


The story has to continue!........after this humantarian gesture given in good faith,IRAN SHOULD INVITE THE US MARINERS IN TEHRAN AND THROW A PARTY FOR THEM TO DINE AND WINE in a show of gratitude!!!!!.

replacement windows said...

Peace is definitely better than war. This humanitarian gesture should be the start of something positive. I hope other countries follow this example.