Sunday, January 22, 2012

US Aircraft Carrier Passes Through Strait of Hormuz

The US aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln sailed through the Strait of Hormuz and into the Persian Gulf without incident on Sunday, a day after Iran backed away from an earlier threat to take action if an American carrier returned to the strategic waterway.

File Photo: USS Abraham Lincoln / US Navy


Mark Pyruz said...

Do we have a link to Persian media of Salehi's remarks concerning the return of a USN aircraft carrier into the Persian Gulf?

From what I've seen in the U.S. MSM, the translated remark of Salehi's is as follows:

"I recommend and emphasize to the American carrier not to return to the Persian Gulf. ... We are not in the habit of warning more than once." (Reuters)

"to the American carrier" (emphasis added) would mean USS John C. Stennis, right? So why is a big deal being made of the USS Abraham Lincoln entering the Persian Gulf?

I would think it will be a big deal if and when the Stennis returns.

Whatever, for now Iran's recent military posturing seems to have had its intended effect: the EU continues to encounter difficulties in putting together an oil embargo, and Obama suspended - possibly cancelled - the ABM drill with Israel.

Anonymous said...

General Salehi has ordered Barbie Dolls to be deported from Iran!!!

Nader Uskowi said...


The exact Farsi translation can be found in the 3 January post. Gen. Salehi had said : “We recommend to the American warship that passed through the Strait of Hormuz and went to Gulf of Oman not to return to the Persian Gulf.” And then he said he was not in the habit of repeating a warning. He was most probably referring to Stennis, as that was the last US carrier passing through the Strait. But I do not believe that the Iranian military has a preference over which of the US carriers pass through the Strait. It fell to IRGC deputy commander on Saturday to back away from Salehi’s threat, saying that Iran recognized that these warships were based in Bahrain, and have been for a long time.

Anonymous said...

This was the reason as why so many boats were being taken out and its crew "SAVED" by the US.

To avoid Mining !!!! they kept causing distress by those suspected boats and saved the crew and made a tamtam.


Anonymous said...

A very wise move from Iran to encourage its enemies to come close into its range.

Well done (Tactically speaking!)

Gifted one said...

meanwhile the UK obtains an exemption for BP from US sanctions, read it here at the WSJ.

You know what Nader i don't blame you for not covering all the intrigue and duplicity engaged in by the West towards Iran. to do so would require, at least, two blogs and a full time staff!

so while the British get exemptions for their oil and gas companies the Asians are supposed to shoot themselves in the foot? More fool them if they do.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile , calls for Export ban to Europe from Iran is on the rise.

Iran only has 20% of its Oil exported to Europe. and that is mostly to Greece, so there is actually no big deal !!1 its more a media blabla than real issues

Anonymous said...

So the US is harassing Iran's economy, seeking to bring Iranian people to their knees, sending warships off of Iran's cost - and Iranians are the militaristic aggressive ones.

I think the West is going to attack countries, until China stops raping their economies.

Anonymous said...

An empty barrel makes the most noise.
Where is the big mouth general now?

Anonymous said...

Look at these non Iranian war mongers on this site,how they want my country to be at war against the US.So that it can satisfy their over inflated egos and shortfalls in their miserable lives.
Truly a bunch of pathetic mullah lovers on the cheap.