Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Russia Expresses “Concern” over Iran’s Uranium Enrichment Work at Fordo

Russia on Tuesday expressed regret and concern over Iran’s decision to begin uranium enrichment work at its new underground facility at Fordo.

“Moscow has with regret and worry received the news of the start of work on enriching uranium at the Iranian plant. We have to note that Iran continues to ignore the demands of the international community on removing concerns about its nuclear program, including the suspension of its enrichment facility near the city of Qom,” the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said n a statement [RTT News, 10 January].

“We hope that Tehran will listen to our opinion about the need for a further close cooperation with the agency and a quick start of serious six-way talks on the Iranian nuclear program without any preconditions,” the statement added.

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Anonymous said...

oh, dear.

now it's the Russian Foreign Ministry being controlled by the Zionists!!!!

guess that only leaves one major country that Iran can count upon........