Sunday, January 1, 2012

Income and Life in Urban and Rural Iran

The government’s Statistics Center of Iran (SCI) today released its annual report on family life and income in the country [Mehr News Agency, 1 January].

  • The average annual income for a family living in urban areas is 106 million rials, equivalent to $6,666 in today’s market currency rate.
  • The average annual income for a family living in rural areas is 59 million rials, or $3,711.
  • The average annual expense for urban households is 113.8 million rials, or $7,168. Meaning the families in the cities spend 8% more than their income. 23% of urban household expenses are for food, and 33% for housing. 24% of urban households rent or lease their houses and apartments.
  • 33% of urban households earn their income through wages and salaries, 18% through their small businesses, and an unexplained 49% of urban households list their income source as “other.”
  • 91% of urban households use natural gas for heating and cooking, 88% have mobile phones, and 37% have automobile.
  • In rural areas, the average annual household expenses are 68.5 million rials, or $4,300. Meaning an average rural household’s expenditure some 16% more than its income. 34% of rural households are engaged in farming, 33% earn their income through wages and salaries, and 32% from other sources.

The figures indicate that the Iranians have more disposable income than ever before, and are enjoying the modern amenities of life, such as automobile and mobile phone. They are, however, spending more than their income, probably as a result of rising inflation, with no savings.

49% of the household income in urban areas, and 32% in rural areas, are not from wages or salaries or small businesses or farming, unusually high numbers that need further explanations. The size of an average household was not reported.


Anonymous said...

On a PPP basis (e.g. by comparing what your money can buy you in Tehran vs. what it can buy you in NYC) the incomes are more like $20k in the city. Not sure about rural areas.

Anonymous said...

What western press report about Iran is nonsense.

Iranians are doing well and all this corporate reporting is to let the suffering west know others are worse off.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:51 AM

Can you explain how the average Iranian is doing well?
Because from first hand experience the Iranian in the street needs two or more jobs to feed their families.
The only people doing well are the mullahs and the IRGC gangsters in the regime so which Iranians are you referring too Mr know it all?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:56

you seem to forget the lapdance culture of all US students to finance their educations...

you seem to forget THe 30 something mio. homeless in the US.

You seem to forget that Iran despite of sanctions has no hunger..

Iran has no slums...contrary to the US.. any many many more issue I simply could not care less to tell you again and again and again.

What you know of Iran is from the shah era.. where you either were not born or lived in a biosphere in "elahie".

Come on... tell that anti Iran rehtoric to your refugee attache at the welfare office. We are mostly Iranians here and we know whats true or false... and you "Chum" are false.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:49 PM

"Iran has no slums."

Iran is an Islamic paradise.

"Iran has no hunger."

Iran is an Islamic paradise.

"America has 30 million homeless."

Iran is an Islamic paradise.

"We are mostly Iranians and we know whats true or false...and you chum are false."

A minority who believes the nonsense and lies that spews out of the trap hole of the Islamic fascist theocracy and their toady minions chummy boy and all because the poor saps believe they live in an Islamic paradise. Pitiful indeed.

Anonymous said...

I believe the guy u seem the dude who deserve pity.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2 January 7:09 PM

You can believe in who you like but remember that two wrongs don't make a right.