Monday, January 16, 2012

Saudi Arabia Rejects Iran’s Threat, Warning

Saudi Arabia today expressed doubts over Iran's claim it could block the Strait of Hormuz and said it was ready to pump more oil if sanctions threatened to cut Iranian oil exports.

“I personally do not believe that the Strait, if it were shut, will be shut for any length of time. The world cannot stand for that,” Saudi Arabia's Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi told CNN [Reuters, 16 January].

Iran yesterday warned Arab oil producers not to raise oil output to replace its crude. But Naimi said Riyadh could increase production by about 2 million barrels per day “almost immediately.”


Anonymous said...

One thing the current regime has to admit is that when the Shah was in charge, Iran dominated these "small countries with big sheiks" as I recall Salehi calling these little Arab feifdoms.

Indeed the biggest worry of Arab countries right now is that Iran will reconcile with the west, after which it will almost instantaneously re-assume this role (if it ever lost it)

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:07 PM

For gods sake don't mention the Shah here because you'll bring out the best in the mullah boys with their retarded spasmodic vitriol language.But you are correct in your assessment.
Indeed the Arabs would be extremely worried if Iran reconcile with the West,specially the US.
This won't be happening under this primitive regime. But never the less it will happen after the downfall of Velayate Vaghih.

Unknown said...

Not to defend the mullahs but the shah's so called power was derived from the west, nothing more nothing less. Incidentally, at his moment of need the west discarded him, and only an Arab country, Egypt, agreed to take him in.

Anonymous said...

Jabbar Fazeli, MD

It is almost unbelievable that a minority of people still believe the anti Shah rubbish made by the western leftest propaganda media.And your words still gives comfort to the mullah regime despite your apologies.But I gather you supported the Green movement of Mousavi which still puts you in the reformist camp of the Islamic state.So that explains your rabid dislike of Iranian nationalism.
You live in a false illusion if you think Iran will be a Federal state or some collection of Balkan states.That is not going to happen.
You must choose your side either with all Iranians which includes nationalists (the majority)or some minority crackpot movement which wants to see Iran's breakup after the fall of the fascist Islamic theocracy.
And one more thing.Don't ever forget that the west made the road smooth for Mr Khomeini to take power that is a documented fact.
All the people who came back with Khomeini were western stooges of one kind or the other.
Khomeini came to power through the oil cartel because the Shah said in 1973 that he is not willing to sell Iranian oil cheaply or unrefined after the expiry of the 25 year agreement which would make it 1979 that rang alarm bells in the west therefore the west decided to overthrow the monarchy by introducing a charlatan called Khomeini.
The rest is history and the Shah was proven right regarding what will happen in the future but despite that there are some people out there with a hidden agenda to confuse Iranian people with anti Shah or anti nationalist anti democratic propaganda.
This regime is an anti Iranian barbarous Islamist fascist theocracy there is no other word for this criminal regime but the one above.
Hats off to Sadat for being a man a humanist in fact.But you should stop your anti Iranian nationalist paranoia and your assumption that Iranian nationalist hate Arabs because that is false.
We hate anti Iranian Islamic fascism not Arabs per say.

Anonymous said...

That's true. It's amazing how quickly the Shah was abandoned.

Steve said...

"Naimi said Riyadh could increase production by about 2 million barrels per day almost immediately".

Funny statement by the Saudi oil minister.
I would really like to see that ;-)
Maybe he's refering to a mix of one part oil in four parts of seawater or so.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:29
The shah was the biggest disgrace Iran had to endure in its history.
He was a despot chosen by the Brits and reinstated by the CIA in 1953.
The revolution we saw in Iran was because he was such an arse.
Thanky God his time and that of his family is over for good.
Dariush London

Anonymous said...

Dear compatriots of whatever political belief (Except the MKO). I would like to emphasize on the differences between a Patriot and a Nationalist, Make sure you choose to be the right one.

A Patriot is someone who is proud and always works to justify and better his coutry and its view in a positive manner, like a sports competition without wanting others any ill will......

A Nationalist, is someone with an illogical obsession about the place of his birth next to believing to be better than others because of it.

Make sure you are Patriots and not Nationalists. Dont let anyone drag you into becoming one. Arabs,Turks and Afghans are close brethrens of Iranians who happen to be of other races with different languages, but still our neighbours.
Learn to respect and gain respect, regardless of wanton news reports who are there to divide you all and rule you all.

Bless Iran and all Iranian Patriots

Anonymous said...

"The shah was the biggest disgrace Iran had to endure in its history."

Says a mullah boy that lives in London.
Go and ask an Iranian with half a brain and not the basiji types or the MKO that helped in the beginning who the biggest disgrace was to befell Iran and I can guarantee you they will say that charlatan Khomeini and his entourage of criminal gangsters.
You people have an agenda to fill Iranian people with misleading and false information so that you confuse them. That is the way of the mullah regime and their stooges to lie and propagate rubbish and more lies.
Only the ignorant or the mullah stooges will say that the Shah was a disgrace.
Vaghan yek Velayate Vaghih tamam ayar.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:46 AM

No doubt your the same person as 4:34 AM.
A nationalist equal patriotic feeling or efforts,policy of national independence;nationalist.

So where did you come up with that false and misleading information trying to brand nationalism separate from patriotism.
See what I mean about mullah boys and their Farib karee...:)

The Islamic regime hates nationalism and patriotism they just want Islamism and mozdors to line their pockets.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:46 AM.......Since the advent of the Islamic regime they have tried to divide the Iranian people.
This way they try to rule because they know that if Iranian people are united the regime is finished.
Anon 4:34 AM stop talking through your backside and for once stop and listen to your own nonsense.
Anon 4:46 AM again... Go and read a book or look in a dictionary of the meaning nationalism.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:34 am......Haven't you got your sums wrong? Didn't you mean Hendi zadeh aka Khomeini is the biggest disgrace in our history?
Wow! Your truths are astounding!!

IranianFury said...

Anon 6:11 PM

Wipe off that laughter off your face! Anon 4:34 is correct that the Shah is the biggest disgrace in our history and I lived through his rule. Khomeini, despite my differences with him, brought pride back to the Iranian people and I will always remember him as a man who liberated us from the Shah's oppression.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:34 PM

I lived through the Shahs reign as well and also in the reign of Khomeini.
And I can honestly say that the reign of the Shah was a thousand times better than that of Khomeini.
Khomeini brought shame to Iranians and turned our country into a terrorist state.You are a shameless liar and a supporter of child killers.
You're ether one of those liars that the regime uses to propagate their propaganda or just a mullah lover.
If the reign of the mullahs is so wonderful,what are you doing living in the West and spreading your lies?
But I have come to a conclusion regarding your defense of Anon 4:34 and that is Anon 4:34 is simply you trying to be some one else......:)

Anonymous said...

@ To the person that calls himself "IranianFury"

The last thing the regime you support is a pro-Iranian regime but instead is a nomadic entity from deepest Arabian desert.
If you called yourself ArabianFury I would have had a little more respect for you.
You just like that disgraceful Hendizadeh are a shameless anti Iranian entity.