Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rare Criticism of Khamenei on Iranian TV

Former Iranian MP Emad Afrough gave this criticism of the Iranian regime. He warns of a gap being formed between the regime and its people, stating that he senses danger.

He emphasizes that he isn't criticizing the legitimacy of the regime and states that divine rule and law should be a major governing factor.

He concludes by stating a single person cannot rule a country.


Anonymous said...

Really ?!
The gap was formed years ago and specially after 2009 so called elections and suppression.
Don't believe anything these charlatans say even when they are critical of the big boss of the regime.He obviously had Khamenei's blessing to criticize the regime on TV.
Funny thing is though rats do sense danger it's in built when they want to jump a sinking ship and he senses danger correctly.

Unknown said...

Classic Islamic republic of Iran pattern!
When the pressure exceeds tolerances, you open the valves just a little.
I don't think Iranians will fall for this ploy anymore. It's all or nothing for most iranians, with the point of no return approaching for this regime, just as it was reached for the Syrian regime a few months go.
I just hope the opposition forces help alleviate the fears of the large portion of the population that works for this government, in one way or another, by agreeing in advance that there won't be mass purges and punishments like it happened in Iraq. If that can be done and disseminated, then the regime will lose its last pillar of support which based on people's dependency on it.

tubtuilayka said...

I am not Iranian but a supporter of the IRI. Over the years I have however become dissilussioned with Ayatollah Khamenai's type of leadership. I do not believe he so much wants power, but I think he is blind to his own excesses because of his unflinching beliefs and intolerance.
So many times I suggested that it is better to preserve the IR than to lose it because of things like imposing Hejab to those who do not want it, or reject to give others a space. After all, all Iranians should enjoy their country regardless of religion,race etc.
The lofty ideals that IRI stands for are extremely valuable to the humanity in the world: the ideals of brotherhood, standing up to the bullies and self reliance.
It will be a big shame to see IRI destroyed just because of a one person's intollerance.

Anonymous said...

This is another trick by the IRI so don't be fooled by this torturer come MP.
But one thing is true the regime is hated deeply by the people and this rat senses it.

Unknown said...

Dear tubtuilayka
As a non-Iranian you are not subject to political detention or exile for speaking your mind or advocating for democracy. I would invite you to consider that the green you see from a distance is mixed with plenty of manure, which only people close up can smell and see.