Thursday, January 26, 2012

Iran Air Force F-14A Crashes – Crew Killed

An Iranian F-14A fighter jet has crashed near the city of Bushehr, killing both the pilot and radar intercept officer. Fars News Agency reported that the crash happened on Thursday morning and was due to technical failures without providing any further details. The US-made F-14As were purchased before the revolution by the shah.


Anonymous said...

God rest their soul.
Now let some morons blame the Shah for that as well.

Anonymous said...

The shah was it! Are you happy now?

Anonymous said...

it might be shut down by friendly fire f14 can not near important red line close to 50km and the altitude of not less than 30000ft other wise will be target by missile or short range anti aircraft missile if happend in near nuclear power plant that may be the reason but not sure yet may be so many other reason since 1979 f14 tecknical problem of crash is the lowest in the world specialy in iran.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:27 AM

At the time when the Shah bought the F14 Tomcat all the anti Shah elements were complaining what a waste of money it was.
Oh how wrong they were.During the 1980-1988 war the F14 was feared by the Iraqi air force and today it is still being used and shown off by the Islamic regime. Incidentally in 1979 just before the invasion by Iraq the new "revolutionary" regime decided to sell back the F14 just as the US president Jimmy Carter had hoped but the deal failed due to start of war.

Anonymous said...

Most likely some halfwit IRGC anti aircraft gunner shot it down (due to loss of nerves) while in low altitude.God rest the poor victims soul.

Cyrus said...

Was it one of their stealth radar-evading F-14's, made completely made by Iranian experts and ready for mass-production?

Anonymous said...

Yeah Cyrus one of those invisible stealth aircraft under project Hidden imam.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to believe that this was a technically caused crash as neither the pilot nor the radar officer were able to eject.

It is also hard to believe that this crash was caused by friendly fire.

May God rest their soul.

Anonymous said...


The crew are still unaccounted for according to official IRIAF reports. Hopefully the brave aviators will be found safe.

The FACT is that it is indeed an Iranian engineering marvel to keep these 34 year old airframes airworthy despite participating sucessfully in the jange tahmili and defence of Iran as well as overcoming spares shortages.

Out of the orginal 79 F-14A Persian Cats over 55 are still in service despite the war and "arms and spares embargo" since 1979.
Iranian aviators and engineers should be proud of their success in keeping these planes flying and even upgrading them.

Anyone with a military aviation background and familiar with the Persian Cats, the twin Pratt & Whitney TF30-P412A afterburning turbofan engines (as orginally supplied to Iran) were prone to flame-out and stalls even when new. They were particularly sluggish at low altitude high-G turns or rapid thrust vectoring. So such accidents do happen sometimes. The engines usually become erratic right after Mach speed is reached. This aircraft was involved in BVR late night instrument maneuvers and perhaps an engine failure or flameout caused the crash.

The brave and skilled men flying the Persian Cats are the cream of the crop in IRIAF and may God protect them. Long live Iran and its brave defenders of Persian skies.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:37 AM

There is no such thing as F14 Persian cats the name is F14 TOMCATS.

Anonymous said...

A US Navy drone shot down the

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for the crew, the Tomcat died of old age.

Fortunately for the citizens of Iran, they'll be able to fly in newer aircraft operated by one of their neighbors in the Gulf...if they can afford to pay extra.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:01 AM

You mean Qatari airlines they will be running over Iranian skies and laughing to the bank.A country of 78 million run by a country of 500 thousand.So independent,what a joke!

Unknown said...

What's they're ding to these poor pilots is criminal. They need to retire these ancient planes.